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Scott Zartman releases his second album, 'Making Up For Lost Time'

February 1, 2019 (Hanover, PA)

Scott Zartman, a native of Hanover, Pennsylvania, has recently released his second musical opus, 'Making Up For Lost Time.' The indie singer/songwriter is excited about the 15 compositions penned for this album and being able to finally have them heard. The album reflects his lush vocals and memorable melodies showcasing several genres including pop, rock and folk. There are even two religious selections that have been sung and played at his church. Scott describes his music as from the heart defined by feeling and the relationships in between.

Currently while not on tour, Scott is focusing his efforts on promoting the record. Born and raised in Hanover, PA, he developed a love of music at the age of 4 when hearing the Beatles on the car radio. "The fake silver candle holder my mother had became my so-called microphone at age 5," he recalls. Dreaming of being a part of something special like his favorite group KISS in the 70s, Scott taught himself how to play the guitar at age 14. Within 6 months he realized he could not only play the guitar but sing along as well. He wrote his first song not long after that. "I still have all those older songs however lame they must have been stashed away in a time capsule." He confesses these days of being more like Brian Wilson of legendary Beach Boys fame writing tunes in the studio and twisting the knobs behind the scenes. "Sometimes you can't tell it's only me. I've made a point to make it sound like a whole band." Other releases include the initial album from 2017 called 'Open To Suggestion.'

Scott Zartman's song "I Will" will be aired on National Indie Radio (WNIR) throughout the month of February during their "All You Need Is Love" Radio Show for Valentines. To view the schedule and tune in, visit at WNIR offers online radio and free app downloads on iTunes and Android.


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