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Sean Roberto Releases Debut EP - 'Smile in the Dark'

Solo Artist Sean Roberto Has Released A DIY Dark-Lyric Indie-Rock Debut EP (Las Vegas, Nevada)

About Smile in the Dark

Recorded at home with no producers or engineers, Sean Roberto's EP,Smile in the Dark, is a true DIY indie release. The album is filled with memorable melodies, rich arrangements, and dark and haunting lyrics.

With no musical training or background, Sean used Wikipedia and YouTube to learn music theory and found his own way to creating each song. Smile in the Dark was completely written, arranged, and produced by Sean himself. He plays all the instruments on the record, with the exception of two rhythm guitar tracks that were just a bit too “complex” for him.

The EP broadly fits into the indie rock spectrum, with electronic tracks like "Underwater" providing a glimpse into dream-pop influences, while other tracks show Brit-pop and garage-rock inspiration. Melody is the name of Sean's game, with deep, sometimes disturbing lyrics to match. The songs are all about contrast - a dark meaning behind beautiful scenery.

"My music is about beauty by contrast - I love creating a beautiful melody and a pretty instrumental texture, only to match it to dark, sometimes shocking lyrics. I feel like much of life is like that - and art is a distillation of the most extreme parts of life." - Sean Roberto

About Sean Roberto

Sean Roberto is an unsigned solo artist, currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sean is not professionally trained as a musician, did not go to music school, and does not come from a musical family - although he is told that his grandfather conducted an orchestra many years ago.

Sean grew up listening primarily to alt-rock bands, most of them British - Oasis, Nirvana, The White Stripes, The Killers, and the Arctic Monkeys are some of his favorite bands. He has an unhealthy obsession with The Beatles and David Bowie, as well as a love of electronic groups such as Crystal Castles and Depeche Mode. This is mainly due to his father burning British electronic music onto CD-RW’s and playing those choppy discs in the car for Sean’s entire childhood.

Sean did not begin writing songs until his mid-twenties (he is 25 now). Although he grew up loving music more than anything else, Sean tried a variety of careers - including filmmaking, videography, being a YouTuber, pro wrestling writing, and placing losing sports bets before realizing that music was actually the safest career of all of these. Using YouTube and Wikipedia to learn music theory, Sean wrote the Smile in the Dark EP. Inspired by The White Stripes, Sean dedicated each song to one of his favorite musicians.

Sean’s main goals as an artist are making great music, building a fan-base, and getting into a drunken brawl on a ferry to Amsterdam - just like his hero Liam Gallagher. Sean thanks you very much for reading this, and encourages you to listen to some tunes while you’re here. 

For more information, please visit Sean Roberto's website.


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