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Shaney Poo Releases New Self-Produced Music Video - 'Pretty Brown Eyes'

“Pretty Brown Eyes” by Boston Born Recording Artist Shaney Poo is a Follow Up to his 2017 Music Video “Goldmine”

(Boston, Massachusetts)

Artist, songwriter, performer and producer Shaney Poo has released his new single, and music video titled "Pretty Brown Eyes." The song was inspired by Shaney Poo’s love for meshing genres together and experimenting with different sounds. The theme of the video is the simple concept of minimal aesthetics and beautiful people as Shaney Poo and model Miek Perez make an appointment with Kriket Smith for a photo-shoot. The music video was directed by Colorwave Studios and filmed and edited by Jona Tata.

The mesmerizing and fun video plays like a prime-time television show as the story unfolds with a day at a photo shoot. Both Shaney Poo and Miek Perez are naturals on screen, drawing you in with their dynamic performance and on-screen chemistry. Shaney Poo's musical talent,combined with Miek Perez's gift as an actress is a winning combination. In addition, Kriket Smith does a fantastic job in the role of photographer.

“My music is for anyone that enjoys ‘a breath of fresh air’ and not just the trendy microwave style we all know. It's really just feel good music from the heart. The main focus is to always create something organic and new. On this song I meshed the two worlds of Hip-Hop and Caribbean Zouk to produce a seamless modern sound.” – Shaney Poo

About Shaney Poo

Shane Alexander aka Shaney Poo is a Haitian-American artist, producer and performer from Boston, MA. His stage name is his childhood nickname given to him by his family. He makes music that reflects his culture, life experiences and imagination. He spent his early teens throwing dance-hall house parties with his friends as part of the crew the "Aristokratz," while writing music as a teen to express himself. In college, he recorded music with his friends for fun and quickly fell in love with his craft. Inspired by a fellow rapper from school and his independent origins, Shane found the confidence to tell his own story through music. That same summer, he bought his first recording studio and began his journey. His sound and style stem from growing up in the multi-cultural city of Boston. He's inspired by all genres of music including but not limited to rap, dancehall, kompa, pop, zouk, R&B, rock, and house. He soon formed B.L.A.C (Becuz Love Always Conquers) Pop in 2015, which serves as a record label and incubator. In 2015, he released "Touch by An Angel," a six song project which includes music videos "Been Lovin U," and "Girl Next Door." In 2017, he moved to New Jersey then to New York City. During that time, he wrote and produced the song "Goldmine," which was followed by a dance choreographed music video. Producing "Goldmine" marked a new sonic turning point. In 2018, he released Club SHANE, a 5 song concept EP he recorded back in 2016. The beats for the project were all produced by K.E on the Track. He spent the next years, traveling, performing, releasing music and acting in short films.

Shaney Poo stays involved with the local art scene in Boston whether it was putting together events, art exhibitions or community gatherings. His latest music video is "Pretty Brown Eyes."

For more information, please visit Shaney Poo's website.

Connect with Shaney Poo:



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