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Small World World Band Releases Debut Album

January 7, 2019 (Toronto, Canada)

A True Retro Rock Band, Small World World Band creates original 60's and 70's style music with an up-to-date, contemporary feel. Their diverse styles of playing offers up slices of rock, country, jazz and even a little bluegrass. The effect makes you want to get up and dance from the very first note. Small World World Band (SWWB) has spent the last year touring extensively across Toronto and southern Ontario in support of their debut release, building a strong following both live and online. With a small but dedicated fan-base that is expanding organically in growing numbers, on streaming and radio, SWWB is on it's way to big things.

Now back in the studio they are working on their second album "Analog" which is exactly that. Using multi track tape and vintage console/gear this second album will capture that true retro rock sound that they are known for. With a release date of spring 2019 you can expect the band back out in full force.

Check out their latest video:

For more information on Small World World Band, please visit their website.


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