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SnapDibz Releases Memorable "Memory Lane"

 "Memory Lane" features Rey on the vocals of this emotional track about a loss.

(Chicago, IL & Worldwide)

"Memory Lane" is the 5th release from SnapDibz' collaboration project with Rey which has gotten rave reviews to date. Rey opens the track with his signature nostalgic vibe in the chorus. Snap continues to tell the story of losing his friend, lover and riding partner to cancer while taking the listener down the metaphorical and physical "Memory Lane."

You can hear the longing in the lyrics:

"Ever since the day you escaped from your misery, I've been riding solo down the highway of memories. Just to catch a sign a little sense that you're here with me, how I long to hear you sing the songs that you feel with me."

The track is very relatable and draws the listener in while the lyric video, despite its simplicity, compliments the story well.


About SnapDibz

SnapDibz is an independent American born Indian rapper. After years of creating underground music with DJ Dibz, Snap took the music globally alone with his first professional EP released 2/2022 titled "Levels." The EP did just that, took SnapDibz to another level with hits like the hip-hop banger "Masterplan" and the Top 40 sounding "You and I."

SnapDibz continued to create track after track showing versatility and his unique style in wordplay and delivery. The clever vocals, relatable lyrics about self and life, and the trend to keep the lyrics clean help differentiate SnapDibz from other artists. "Unbreakable" brings a unique sound with it's hint of middle eastern/Indian elements in the instrumental with the sitars and tablas. "Done Believing" is another single that's made waves across the globe, often being compared to Eminem and Rhianna's "Love the Way You Lie."

More recently Snap has been working on a collaboration project with the talented vocalist Rey Khan. The first release from this project, "Backwards in My Head," remains the most streamed SnapDibz song to date. "Rivals" and the most recent release "Memory Lane" are also welcome heartfelt tracks from the project. Stay tuned for the next release titled "Sometimes" hitting platforms in March 2022.

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