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Snowflake Generation Storming the New Music Scene

Snowgens Releases Debut Singles - "Wake Me Up" and "Part of Me'

(Birmingham, UK)

About "Wale Me Up" and "Part of Me'

In anticipation of their debut EP, Snowflake Generation has released three singles that are creating a buzz. Two singles, "Wake Me Up and "Part of Me", are just a taste of the great music to come. "Wake Me Up", the band's third single, is a political song about the state of current affairs. The subtle song explores the subliminal messages we receive and what we are truly unaware of and what we may choose not to see. The song can also be interpreted as a relationship gone sour. "Part of Me" is a song about the complexities of love and giving a part of yourself to a significant other.

Snowflake Generation released "Wake Me Up" onto all major digital platforms on March 6th, 2020. Their debut EP is in full swing with an anticipated drop date in Autumn 2020. Thus far their songs has been very well-received, causing a stir. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the band's music and as they continue to release new music, supporting by live shows, the band's fan-base is rapidly growing. Snowgen is touring to support their latest releases, and they recently headlined several shows during their UK tour. Back in Birmingham, the band opened for The Shoebills at the Actress and Bishop.

"When it’s more of a nightmare and I want you to be there, to wake me” - Lyrics "Wake Me Up."

Musicians and writers on the songs include: Callum Coyne, lyricist, lead vocals, guitar; Kealan Fowkes, lead guitar; Lewis Smith, guitar; Foli Amuzumonlaw,bass; and Antony Tonks on drums. The songs were produced by Joey Whelan.

Listen to Part of Me on Spotify Listen to Wake Me Up on Spotify

About Snowflake Generation

Snowflake Generation are a 5 piece indie/rock/pop group from Birmingham, UK. Formed in September 2019, front man Callum Coyne decided to take his solo work to the next level and formed the band. Mixing the likes of the 1975 to the foo fighters and everything in between, unapologetic riffs, catchy hooks and relatable lyrics are just a few of the reasons to get your Snowgen fix.The band have played many shows around the local area of Birmingham one of which was a sold-out show at the 02 Academy Birmingham back in January. Their three singles are available on all platforms.

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