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Stereo Citizen Releases New Single - “Can’t Help Myself” to Early Acclaim

Stereo Citizen's "Can't Help Myself", released on Saturday, March 21st . has been nominated for the semifinals on the International Songwriting Competition.

(Bakersfield, CA and Los Angeles, CA )

About "Can't Help Myself"

Stereo Citizen’s new single “Can’t Help Myself” is fashioned from a double entendre about unrequited love for someone (or something) and the powerless struggle one goes through in hopes that the feeling will be reciprocated.

“Can’t Help Myself” takes you on a funky, musical journey about one-sided love, infatuation, powerlessness, and seduction. Whether that love is for a person, money, drugs or something else that might test your will power is up for interpretation.

“I can’t explain the way you move to the new sound, dancing round, stepping on me. You turn the sirens into silence, make the speakers quiet, I’m moving to the sound of you breathe. And I can’t take this you’re leaving me out in the cold. I won’t turn this off, watching you make my heart beat stop. I can’t help myself around you” - Lyrics from "Can't Help Myself"

Receiving early industry recognition, the song is in the semifinals of the International Songwriting Competition and receiving heavy rotation on National Indie Radio's Refugees of Rock Show.

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About Stereo Citizen

Stereo Citizen strives to bring something different to the table with their music. This five piece pop/funk/rock band based out of Bakersfield and Los Angeles, CA has already shared the stage with heavy hitters like Atreyu, Meg Meyers, Saint Motel, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Highly Suspect, RX Bandits, The Word Alive, Hawthorne Heights, Mondo Cozmo, Shwayze, Trapt, Powerman 5000, The Devil Wears Prada and more.

They quickly gained momentum after the release of their debut EP, which was produced by Matt Squire (Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Panic at the Disco). The single from that self-titled EP “Til’ The Wheels Came Off,” got the attention of the Kern County rock station KRAB 106.1, and ended up in full rotation. The song's momentum continued with airplay at a number of other West Coast rock radio stations.

The video they filmed for the song was directed by Danny Drysdale, who is well known for directing the music video for The Killer’s smash hit “Human.” In addition to getting airplay from several West Coast rock radio stations, and song licensing opportunities in the U.S. and the U.K, Stereo Citizen was able to get multiple songs in full rotation at nearly 50 college radio stations across the country.

Recently, out of thousands of submissions, Stereo Citizen was one of the winners in the synch licensing category of the extremely popular Unsigned Only Music Competition. This year, their songwriting has made them semi-finalists in the International Songwriting Competition with their newest song “Can’t Help Myself.”

They are happy to have had a small taste of success, but there are still many milestones they’d like to reach. Their ultimate goal is to share their music with the entire world, and have people of all different races, religions, cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and genders connecting to their music in some way, shape or form, and hopefully make even the most uptight person start to tap their feet to a groove. They intend to keep writing songs with infectious lyrical hooks, funky grooves that trigger involuntary dancing, and stories that most anyone can relate to.

Contact: Chris Puckett, the singer for Stereo Citizen at



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