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Steve Bonham Releases 'American Wilderness'

September 23, 2019 ( Derbyshire UK )

'American Wilderness' is the latest release from Steve Bonham and his friends as they continue to explore "the myth, moonshine and madness of America." 'American Wilderness' is an EP featuring songs in advance of a full album, of the same name. The EP has 3 tracks:

1. Wrapped Up In You

2. Interstate 25

3. ‘American Wilderness All the songs were written by  Steve Bonham. They feature Steve and his trusty compadres: Kev Moore and Chris ‘the Bishop’ Lydon.

The Hanging of An Angel, A Ghost Town, and Other Savory Tales ...

The featured title track, "American Wilderness" is a ballad based on the unfortunate tale of Paula Angel who was said to be the first woman to be hung in New Mexico and, as fate would have it, she was hung twice. Like her story, this is a ballad like no other, that you will want to hear twice (or more). It is an amalgamation of influences including Dylan, the Doors and Steely Dan wrapped up in country blues and gripping lyrics that tell the tragic tale. Vivid characters appear in the song like ghosts from the past and legends of old frontier: the drunken judge; the gaoler, the drifter and the drinker look on.

“He's a first rate storyteller in the Rambling Jack Elliot tradition, just rocking up the down home vibe. Solid stuff for those who miss meaty songwriting, this'll bring home the prize.” - Mid West Review

Track two, "Interstate 25," is about a visit Steve made to a mysterious ghost town somewhere at the end of the Santa Fe trail as the evening sun went down and a hawk flew over the open road. The last track, "Wrapped up in you" is a love song for those who’ve given up on romantic songs; it will make you change your mind about love songs.


Steve Bonham – The Vagabond Philosopher

Steve Bonham is known as the Vagabond Philosopher.

"Vagabonds are the followers of The Long Road; the champions of the Artisan; the believers in the Outlaw, the Renegade and the Rascal in all of us who hope for a better world but totally engaged with the one they are in. "

He creates a musical stir both with his band The Long Road and with an increasing number of solo appearances. Described as a combination of ‘Woody Guthrie, Bill Bryson and Don Quixote’ (!!!) Steve’s quest is to take the raw ingredients of folk, Americana and roots to conjure  up some "moonshine" music  - something new and different but definitely in the spirit of what was and will ever be.

His songs are of outlaws, ghost towns, the emigrant, the doomed lover, the extraordinary lives of ordinary people real and imagined. His performances are intimate and expansive, funny and moving all at the same time.  Solo, and with his band, he has released 9 albums with a new EP ‘American Wilderness' released in Oct 2019.

He has sold out at Wigtown Festival in Scotland; reduced WAME FM in North Carolina to hysterics; delivered a performance described as at The Little Museum of Dublin as ‘inspiring’; driven 2000 miles to do 5 gigs in 5 days in Germany. As Roisin Ingles of the Irish Times wrote  "He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk “

For more information, please visit: Steve Bonham and The Long Road's website.

Connect with Steve Bonham and The Long Road

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