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Straw Dogs Release Sixth Record -'Your Immaculate Machine'

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Janaury 28, 2019 (Seattle, Washington)

The rock-Americana band Straw Dogs has released their six full-length record. "Your Immaculate Machine" has 14 tracks that showcase the bands' signature, hook-laden melodies, irresistable harmonies, and lush instrumentation that fill in the canvas around their crafted lyrics. Straw Dogs has toured nationally and their songs have been featured in major feature film, indie films, and national advertising campaigns.

The new album's opening track, "Something to Love," starts with a simple acoustic guitar over bass but quickly swells into an anthemic plea for romantic redemption, and the fearless "If I Write" has perhaps the most compelling and haunting guitar intro , building into a powerful rocker that still holds that catchy pop appeal. "Soldier On" is a beautiful number that features Dave von Beck and Darren Smith in the format in which Straw Dogs started: Two guitars, beautiful harmonies, and a lyrical tale that hints of a truth no longer out of our reach. The surprise song at the end, "Jerkin' On My Phone," is a nod to the Beastie Boys' upbeat call-and-response rap as it rips into all of us for our cellphone obsession. Once again, irresistible!

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