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sycloner's Debut EP 'Not Without You' Released 07/12/18

December 14, 2018 ( Brisbane, Queensland, Australia )

sycloner's first EP 'Not Without You' explores the relational complexities of unmatched expectations and enmeshment, and draws from many stylistic influences of the last few decades.

sycloner is a collaboration between Peter Greasley (Vocals) and Daniel Cunnington (Guitar), and is based in Brisbane-Gold Coast (Australia). Originally meeting as members of the BMG Australia signed band Dream Circle, Daniel and Peter reconnected in early 2018 to create the indie-pop sound of sycloner.

Daniel writes music and plays guitar from a diverse music base, including classical concerts and recordings. Peter writes, sings, plays bass and keyboards. All music written, performed, and recorded by sycloner. Mastered by Marly Luske at Alchemix Recording Studio West End.

For more information on sycloner, please visit their website.


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