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Sydney Celeste Releases New Single Entitled "In Spite of Me"

Raleigh, North Carolina - June 29, 2023 - Sydney Celeste, a talented singer-songwriter, is thrilled to announce the release of her latest single, "In Spite of Me." This highly anticipated song, released June 29, 2023, is now available on major digital platforms.

"In Spite of Me" showcases Sydney Celeste's unique and inspirational style of music, serving as a heartfelt love letter from God to humanity. The lyrics are honest, moving, and deeply touching, delivering a powerful message that will resonate with listeners. Recorded at Post Pro recording, the single was expertly produced and engineered by Matt Horton.

The inspiration behind "In Spite of Me" stems from Sydney Celeste's profound connection with God and the urgency of the message she received about His imminent return. Through this song, Sydney aims to spread the message of God's love and salvation, highlighting the transformative power of faith in Jesus Christ.

Reflecting on the significance of the single, Sydney Celeste shared, "In Spite of me... where was my faith? In the midst of me, you touched my heart, got inside of me. Speaking through me... Thank you Lord for using me In Spite of Me." These poignant lyrics encapsulate the emotional depth and gratitude expressed throughout the song.

Sydney Celeste's talent and dedication have garnered recognition in the music industry. She has been professionally recording since 2017, with all five songs from her first EP receiving airplay on various independent radio stations. Sydney is honored to have been nominated for five Independent Singer Songwriter Association awards in 2022, as well as receiving nominations for a Josie Music Award and an award at the Red Carpet Award Show in Holland. She also held the distinction of being the number one trending artist on Radio 752.2 for multiple weeks. Sydney Celeste's upcoming goals include the release of a new EP.


About Sydney Celeste: Sydney Celeste is an accomplished singer-songwriter who has been making waves in the music industry since 2017. With her unique style and profound connection to her craft, Sydney has garnered widespread recognition and captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. Her music combines inspirational themes that convey messages of love, faith, and hope. Sydney's deep connection to God and her heartfelt approach to songwriting creates an authentic experience for her listeners. Since the release of her first EP, Sydney's music has resonated with audiences across the globe. All five songs from her EP have received significant airplay on various independent radio stations, solidifying her presence in the industry. This remarkable achievement showcases Sydney's exceptional talent and her ability to create captivating and relatable music. And Sydney's outstanding artistry has not gone unnoticed. In 2022, she received five nominations for the Independent Singer Songwriter Association awards, highlighting her exceptional contributions to the singer-songwriter genre. Additionally, Sydney's remarkable work earned her nominations for a Josie Music Award and an award at the Red Carpet Award Show in Holland. These accolades speak to Sydney's commitment to excellence. One testament to Sydney's rising prominence in the music industry is her achievement as the number one trending artist on Radio 752.2 for several weeks.

With her upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated release of a new EP , Sydney Celeste continues to make a lasting impact in the music industry.

For more information on Sydney Celeste, please visit here website.

Contact: For press inquiries, interviews, or booking requests, please contact Sydney Celeste at Email.



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