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"System Crash" - A Prediction Comes True!

(Jefferson, Colorado)

Created With a Vision of the Future. Now, that Future has Come to Pass.

Re-Imagine...the news in this song, "System Crash", has come true. The song, however, was written in 2003. And WE are living through it NOW. Together.

Written by Les Fradkin and Loretta Fradkin, "System Crash" approaches it's narrative from multiple perspectives - the past, the present and the future. An observer in the distant future is looking back at events that haven't happened (as of the creation of the song), and from the perspective of an observer in the present, looking at events that are currently happening and events that might happen in the future!

"The premier track... and it's pointing the direction in which society is heading" - Daniel Sullivan.

About Les Fradkin

Les Fradkin is a Producer and Composer virtuoso Guitarist and an innovator on the Starr Labs Ztar. He employs futuristic playing techniques realizing Progressive Neo-Classical Rock from the Pioneer of MIDI Guitar.

Les captured headlines as the Original Cast George Harrison in the mega-hit Broadway show "Beatlemania" in the 1970s and has played with The Ventures, enjoyed 16 #1 hits at mp3, Composed #1 hits for French Songstress Mireille Mathieu and Latin Pop icon Roberto Jordan, and won several awards from Akademia as well as several other Indie Music Channel Awards, including 2016 Best Instrumental Recording.

He is also a member of the Television Producers Music Production Hall Of Fame as a Composer and has also been named one of the Top 20 Guitar Synthesizer players of all time by Wikipedia.

Les Fradkin plays the Starr Labs Ztar exclusively.

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