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Talia Releases 'Chasing Dreams' EP

Talia’s New EP Chasing Dreams Is Set To Show Diversity And Spunk

(Montreal, Quebec)

"I’m the Goat" and "These Games" are two completely different sounding songs that are aimed to reach out to different audiences.

"I’m the Goat" is all about feeling empowered and on top of the game. "These Games" is about a man who wants to commit, but that is not what Talia wanted. Women who feel empowered or don’t feel the need to commit are definitely going to love this EP.

"My EP is for women who want to feel empowered or don’t need to be with a man. "Getting that bread while I’m working on me" as quoted from "I’m the Goat" is about a hard-working woman who continuously works on herself and knows what she wants." - Talia


About Talia

Talia is an independent singer songwriter from Montreal, Quebec. Growing up in the outskirts of her city, Talia spent most of her free time writing music and dancing. 5’2 and 110 pounds of full sass. She’s all about making people laugh and keeping them entertained. Talia is on the rise and should definitely be kept up with!

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For more information on Talia, please visit her website.



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