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The BeeKeepers Release New Single ‘Roots Run Deep’

The BeeKeepers announce the release of their new single, "Roots Run Deep". The song features Amanda Sullivan on lead vocals and guitar; Phred Mileski on vocal harmonies and percussion; and Sylvie Abate on guitar and bass. Guest artist Cleo Flemming perfoms the cello solo during the chorus. The cello arrangment was composed by Phred Mileski. "Roots Run Deep" was recorded at Rotary Records and Mixed and Mastered by BWH Music Group.

Written by Sylvie Abate and Amanda Sullivan, "Roots Run Deep" has been receiving positive press.

“Rather brilliant they create a whole world to get lost in, one with such vivid color. The patience that persists throughout shows off their highly poetic lyricism. Existing out of time and place, the Beekeepers sing the most honeyed sort of intersection between a weathered rustic folk with small nods to the late 60s folk spirit. Little flourishes, the inclusion of so many instruments in such a restrained way helps to give the piece an aura of pure bliss. – Skope Magazine

“Surreal by design, sublimely produced and sensationally stirring in more ways than one, The BeeKeepers’ “Roots Run Deep” is required listening for folk enthusiasts and alternative music aficionados alike this spring, and to say that it represents a new highpoint for this phenomenally talented trio of organically talented artists would be putting it very mildly. By placing their colorful vocal harmonies at the forefront of this mix, The BeeKeepers give us no choice but to be swept away in their angelic stylization of profoundly intimate lyrics, and it’s no exaggeration to say that theirs is a skillset that few acts in their scene – if any – could ever hope to possess. I can’t wait to hear more from this group as the future unfolds, and after giving “Roots Run Deep” a spin, I think that you’ll feel the same.” – Indie Pulse Magazine

About The BeeKeepers

Hailing from Connecticut, The BeeKeepers are 3 women who play 13 instruments who are known for their rich "honeyed" vocals, mesmerizing harmonies and meaningful lyrics. Winners of the 2017 Akademia Music Awards for 'Best Folk Singer-Songwriter EP', Amanda “Mandy” Sullivan, Sylvie Abate and Phred Mileski “display dense and diverse instrumental ability” on accordion, banjo, bass, classical guitar, guitar, mandolin, Merlin, piano, percussion, ukulele - everything in the kitchen sink. All three women are classically trained musicians; Sylvie Abate is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music; Mandy Sullivan is a graduate of the Hartt School of Music; and Phred Mileski is a graduate of Connecticut College.

Each woman is a songwriter, arranger and producer in her own right. Together, The BeeKeepers write, record, produce and perform original music influenced by Americana, acoustic-rock, blues and folk. In addition to their original songs, The BeeKeepers pay tribute to female artists, performing cover songs by Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Odetta and more for a truly captivating musical experience.

"There’s something special about The BeeKeepers that sets them apart from other folk singer-songwriter acts. In a musical generation characterized by manufactured pop acts, The BeeKeepers' originality and sincerity do more than stand out. They reveal qualities that cannot be engineered in the studio. There’s also an unpretentious realness to this group out of New London, Connecticut and judging by their growing fan base, they may be precisely what the new generation didn't know it was missing." (Global Marquis News)

​The BeeKeepers have performed individually and as a group in major concert halls, festivals, colleges, churches and intimate coffee houses throughout New England. Some venues include: Sailfest, Monroe Music Festival, The Rose of New England Music Festival, The BreadBox Folk Concert Series, Friday Night Folk, The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center, The Chestnut Playhouse, Fire in the Kitchen, The Ridgefield Playhouse, Cafe Nine Sunday Matinee Buzz Series and The Bing Performing Arts Center.

The BeeKeepers released their debut EP Songs from the Hive, Vol. 1 in 2017 to critical acclaim. In 2019, The BeeKeepers plan to release singles throughout the year. On March 12, 2019, The BeeKeepers released the single, "Roots Run Deep."

To hear "Roots Run Deep", please visit The BeeKeepers on Spotify. Website Contact: Song Cycle Management


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