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The Licata Brothers Release New Single - “Since You Went Away”

The latest single from The Licata Brothers, "Since You Went Away", is an inspirational rock song about cherishing the good memories we have with those we love. (Arcadia, CA) Website

"Since You Went Away" is the latest single and the final track on The Licata Brothers' upcoming album set to release June 18th. The song is an inspirational rock song about cherishing the good memories we have with our loved ones - a message the brothers hope will deeply resonate with the many people separated from their family and friends because of the pandemic. The group had the good fortune of working with some amazing recording and mixing engineers (Patrick Burkholder and Michael Vail Blum) and recruiting some of the best players from Cal-State Northridge and the San Fernando valley. The end result is a sound you don't want to miss.

“In the rye the children play Wishin' they could always stay Only you can keep me safe Since you went away 'Cause when you're here Clouds disappear When you're here I have no fear” - Lyrics from "Since You Went Away"

About The Licata Brothers

The Licata Brothers are an inspirational rock duo from Arcadia that has been playing in the greater Los Angeles area for over ten years. Jimmy and Tony Licata, starting their music careers at ages 12 and 9 respectively, grew up on classic rock and roots music, performing in the San Gabriel Valley and gradually expanding their radius to the rest of LA and even around the world (Canada, Iceland, and Panama to name a few). Their most recent album, Kindle the Flame, is available on all streaming platforms and they are currently hard at work promoting the first two singles off their next album, set to release on June 18th of this year.

Being half-Peruvian, they are known to sing popular songs in Spanish as well as in other languages (Mandarin, Persian, and Tagalog). The Licata Brothers strive to blend the music they grew up on with more contemporary styles of music while having an uplifting message that has a positive impact on society.

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