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The Mayan Factor Re-release Their Latest Single -'hOpe'

December 28, 2018 (Baltimore, Maryland)

The word that surfaces most often to describe The Mayan Factor is haunting as fans describe the evocative and powerful feelings they experience long after listening to The Mayan Factor's music. The Mayan Factor was originally formed in the early 2002, but in 2011 their lead singer Ray Schuler tragically passed away leaving a haunting space in the band, musically and emotionally. A wave of support from fans worldwide followed. After Ray's passing, The Mayan Factor's music continued with a vibrant life of it's own as devoted fans and new listeners across social media from 65 different countries kept their music alive. On there have been 1.3 million scrobbles. Spotify has 21,025 monthly listeners.

Meeting the global outcry to keep the music alive and moving forward, The Mayan Factor eventually brought on a new singer/acoustic guitar player named Lenny Cerzosie Jr. and the band was re-born. Lenny proved to be a perfect match for the band's signature sound. No stranger to loss, his experiences provided the emotional depth which is at the heart of the band's sound. Lenny was able to seamlessly step into the music of the first albums, with his own voice and interpretations, and create new songs as well. The result has been overwhelmingly well received. Today, the Mayan Factor bring together five members for a stellar lineup: Lenny Cerzosie Jr. ,Brian Scott, Dan Angermaier, Kevin Baker and Jason Sage.

About "hOpe" Their single" hOpe" was written during a time of loss and reflection. The definition of the word hope “is to cherish a desire with anticipation” but the word truly takes on different meanings to each individual. Though the meaning of hope is uniquely experienced, we are all connected in some way with the promise of change and light after darkness.

"We created this song as an anthem to those traveling through darkness of illness, grief and any type of difficult time. " - The Mayan Factor

For more information on The Mayan Factor, please visit their website.

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