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“The Sound of Summer” by Almost An Artist Is Selected For BWH Music Group's 'That Summer, Volume 2'

(Boston, MA) BWH Music Group Announces Almost An Artist's Song “The Sound of Summer” Has Been Selected for ‘That Summer, Volume 2’, A Sizzling Summer Compilation Album That Features Best Independent Artists in the World.

About "The Sound of Summer" "The Sound of Summer" was written and engineered by Julian Cassia aka Almost An Artist. Almost An Artist also plays all the instruments on the track. “The Sound of Summer” is an upbeat indie rock song about the supposed cycle-like nature of finding one's life partner. Lyrically, it is expressed in a way that likens this process to energy cycles in the universe. Musically, “The Sound of Summer” is uplifting, light spirited and energetic.

About Almost An Artist

Almost An Artist, is the fruit of Julian Cassia, who is "sort of from England, sort of from Lebanon and very much, sort of, from France." He now lives between Toronto and NYC. Almost An Artist concocts tracks which he performs as a multi-instrumentalist, writer, engineer and producer, by himself in his studio where he works as a film composer and producer.

“Almost An Artist was born out my desire to do a project entirely by myself. Mostly writing music for films, and producing the albums of others, I wanted to see what I could achieve by taking the process from inception to completion entirely by myself. Did I succeed? You be the judge!”

Almost An Artist plays a vast array of instruments, including guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards, clarinet and GuitarViol, a one-of-a-kind hybrid that closely resembles a violin in timbre. The identity of his music recalls tonalities of Phoenix, Blur, The Police, Gotye, The Kings of Convenience, Jose Gonzales, Milan Kundera, Depeche Mode and Royskopp. The sound is something of an indie rock, electronic, amalgamation.

Julian Cassia has worked on several award-winning Music Production and Film Music. His music film credits include The Traveler (2016) and Man with Van (2017). He holds a dual degree from the Berklee College of Music in Music Synthesis and Film Scoring, as well as a Master's in Composition from NYU. Julian is fluent in English and French, and possesses a working knowledge of Arabic, Italian and Spanish. ​

About BWH Music Group and ‘That Summer, Volume 2”

You don’t have to go to the ocean to hear the best songs this summer! BWH Music Group’s June 2019 release ‘That Summer, Volume 2, by Various Artists’ promises to be the hottest indie release of the year. This extraordinary compilation album will feature 16 songs by internationally acclaimed, award-winning, emerging artists in multiple genres.

BWH Music Group is an independent music firm specializing in recording, record releases and public relations.


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