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The Vagabond Philosopher Returns - New albums and a Single from Steve Bonham

February 1, 2019 ( Derbyshire UK )

The new single from Steve Bonham and The Long Road is 'Hummingbirds'; an elegiac and touching memory of a single day - fragile and perfect. A love song for those who know that all things will pass and to seize the moment is the best we can do. It's quite a departure from Steve Bonham and The Long Road's last single The Girl With The Rattlesnake Heart which one reviewer said was 'foot down hard with raw whisky energy'. (Rock N Roots UK Nov/Dec 2018) demonstrating the rare versatility of this unique and magical band.

Renegade Americana, Anglo-American, Roots? It’s hard to pin down the compelling, distinctive high energy authentic heart and music of Steve Bonham and The Long Road. It’s a swampy brew of styles mixed from both sides of the ocean, characterized by sharp lyrics, great melodies and the fab sound of acoustic instruments being played with passion and purpose. It’s a kind of music that appeals to the outlaw in us all. It features as fine a bunch of rogues as ever hit a recording studio. As well as Steve Bonham, who has been described as the songwriter’s songwriter; The Long Road consists of Chris ‘The Bishop’ Lydon on piano and tuba, Kev Moore on bass, guitar and drums, and John Humphreys on guitar, resonator, banjo and fiddle.

In 2018 they released two ‘companion’ albums as part of their ‘Gone to Look for America’ project: ‘The Girl with the Rattlesnake Heart’ and ‘Reliance’. The response has been astonishing with 4 and 5 star reviews in the press including Maverick Country and Rock n Roots (RnR); airplays in over 40 countries and rising; thousands of views for the title track In the USA in particular they have been recognised as bringing some new and dynamic to the world of Americana.

Steve Bonhman and The Long Road 's Single, "Humming Birds" will be aired on National Indie Radio (WNIR) throughout the month of February during their "All You Need Is Love" Radio Show for Valentines. To view the schedule and tune in, visit at WNIR offers online radio and free app downloads on iTunes and Android.


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