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The Vignatis Ignite The Summer With Their New Album “Red, White & Blue: Gypsybilly Vol. 4”

"Red, White & Blue: Gypsybilly Vol. 4” Is A Patriotic Americana-Themed Album Paying Homage To And Honoring Those Who Are Deserved, Seasoned With A Petite Flavor of France and Performed In The Signature Genre Of The Vignatis, All Their Own, Gypsybilly.

(Los Angeles, CA)

Gypsybilly, created by The Vignatis, is a mélange of Gypsy Jazz, Rockabilly, Country and Jazz, which continues to grow and evolve with each of their albums. They continue to use their distinctive instrumentation of notable electric vintage guitar, acoustic Gypsy guitar, upright slap bass and the unprecedented, electrified clarinet.

The overall sound is flavored with the country element of the pedal steel and banjo, as well as the Gypsy sound of the violin. Distinctive instruments that paint a musical picture leave audiences singing along, tapping toes, or jumping to their feet. The lyrics consist of topics from culture, geographic location, to overcoming personal struggles.

These ten diverse tracks were co-written and produced by The Vignatis, always keeping in mind their live performances, which have proven to be a pedal-to-the-metal experience. The title track, “Red, White & Blue” is one of the more Americana tracks on the album expressing the light-heartedness, joy, celebration and freedom of the U.S.A., from BBQs, to fireworks, to apple pie. Another strong contender for Americana is the second track, “Silent Heroes”, honoring those who work behind the scenes and “make the world go round” from the mail carrier and bus driver, to farmers and assembly line workers.

“We wanted to put the spotlight on those who don’t get enough recognition, the ones in thankless jobs. These are the people that get us from Tuesday to Wednesday each and every week. It’s so important to not take them for granted.” - Tracy Vignati.

“Oh La L’amour” and “Tahiti” maintain a breezy, feel-good French influence while their signature Gypsybilly genre is well documented in “Bop, Hop & Roll” reminiscent of the 1950s, and “DRS”, a slice of encouragement to conquer life’s obstacles, and for any of you Formula-1 fans.

Experimenting further, The Vignatis added a premiere element of a rap section in “New Direction”, one of two tracks that incorporates beats in an Electrobilly style, the other track being “Third Eye”, a tribute to the U.S. military. However, the big curve ball is the debut of a horn section in “Crystal Ball”, a more pop-oriented song depicting a tongue-in-cheek look into the future. To round out the album, the last track is the Gypsy-oriented instrumental entitled, “Manouchified” showcasing classic Gypsy Jazz elements.

“After four albums we know we have a recognizable sound, because we’ve worked really hard toward achieving it. We’ve created a path for people to walk on to find inspiration, which has always been one of our primary purposes with music. That’s why we touch on revealing subjects." - Fabrice Vignati.

With their summer show schedule cancelled due to COVID-19, the Los Angeles-based duo has been utilizing their time wisely with virtually non-stop writing and recording over 100 songs to add to their catalog, all in a wide variety of styles, for licensing purposes and for others to record but of course, enough Gypsybilly for a Vol. 5 album.

“Tracy and Fabrice have something unique on their hands: true, impeccable talent and the ability to carve a niche in a genre that may be entirely their own.” - Music Connection

Track List 1. Bop, Hop & Roll 2. Silent Heroes 3. Oh La L’amour 4. New Direction (feat. Total Bliss) 5. DRS 6. Tahiti 7. Third Eye 8. Crystal Ball 9. Red, White & Blue 10. Manouchified

About The Vignatis

What happens when you mix the passion for Rockabilly and Gypsy music with the love for Jazz and Country music? You get a whole new genre called "Gypsybilly", add some beats and you get "Electrobilly". The Vignatis have been rockin’ their Gypsybilly style for 4 albums. The aurally and visually colorful Los Angeles-based group’s dynamic performances charter audiences on a journey from nostalgic times to the unknown future. They innovatively fuse American/European traditions, musicianship, and a sense of humor cleverly expressed in their songs. Their unmistakable, neo-nostalgic sound is a natural musical union so diverse it avoids strict categorization. ​

As prestigious voting members of The Recording Academy and Grammy Awards, The Vignatis have performed at many esteemed events and venues including The Grammy Museum, Emmy Awards Parties, and as the opening band for the renowned swing band, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Music is their lifestyle. Their goal is to share Gypsybilly with the world by passing on to others the same joy they receive in creating it. Whether paying homage to their great musical influences or exploring the future, The Vignatis continue to blend the old continent, Europe with the new continent, America from studio to stage.

For more information on The Vignatis, please visit their website.

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