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Tom Ameen Continues to Shine with Solo Piano Music

January 2, 2019 (Los Angeles, CA )

An accomplished performer, composer, arranger and studio musician, Tom Ameen has been entertaining Angelinos with his piano music for two decades. Tom can play anything from pop music and American standards to Broadway show tunes and epic film scores. Broadway World called a recent performance a “smash” hit and “a joyously entertaining show.”

As a young boy, Tom’s family took him to see Superman II, which was the first time he heard an actual orchestra and the music of John Williams. He was so mesmerized by the score, he came home from the movie and without ever having had a piano lesson, sat down at the piano and played the theme song by ear. A remarkable feat in and of itself, it was even more so because the guitar was the gateway into the world of music and writing for Tom. He learned how to play quickly and his family recognized he had a gift. They nurtured his talent with piano lessons and Tom quickly began to excel, even surpassing the expectations and abilities of numerous music instructors. Finally, he became a private student of the acclaimed James Tannenbaum of the Cleveland Institute of Music. Tom attended an Indiana college then went back to his hometown of Cleveland and started performing. He quickly got gigs playing piano at upscale restaurants and venues, transporting crowds beyond the mid-West with his renditions of songs of Broadway, American standards and pop tunes.

In December of 1998, Tom recorded his first album, “Treasure The Gift.” It was his first CD of all original music, and was well received. The next year, a chance meeting with Grammy-nominated songwriter and piano sensation Jim Brickman led Tom to Los Angeles where he went to work for Brickman arranging and scoring various projects. Tom’s arrangements can be heard on many of Brickman’s albums, including “Beautiful World” and the holiday album “Joy.” Inspired by the birth of his own niece and nephews, Tom recorded his second album, “Little Miracles,” which was his first all solo piano CD. Tom then hooked up with Mood Entertainment, a Canadian record label, and released five albums for them via Walmart, and theme park specialty stores. “Solo Piano Moments,” a collection of cover music featuring songs from Lady Gaga to Madonna, was his next release and is available on iTunes. Tom then released four Disney-themed albums: solo piano versions of his favorite ride music from Walt Disney World and Disneyland. They were so popular that two of the albums made the Top 10 Billboard New Age Chart.

Most recently Tom produced and released a Star Wars-themed album, featuring his most loved themes from the franchise, as well as an original song written in the Star Wars genre. When he’s not making music, Tom enjoys reading and walking his favorite English Bull Terriers Dottie and Dash. He’s also a video game junkie. Tom is based in Los Angeles. You can learn more about him and his music on


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