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Travis Marsh Gives Us "Happiness"

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Travis Marsh is a native Los Angeles based singer / songwriter, multi instrumentalist, and producer who refuses to personify one identifiable musical identity. The eclectic musical world of Travis Marsh is a creative space saturated with different ideas, sounds, and concepts, all grounded in the musical history and landscape of Southern California. Equal parts Folk, Rock, and Pop, Travis has long fought against being tied to one specific genre. This interest in diverse musical genres has its roots in Travis’ childhood. After getting a guitar for Christmas at the age of 10, Travis started on a trajectory that would lead him here, to 2018, where he is about to release a string of singles that will attract the attention he deserves.

The genesis of Travis’ varied musical tastes and interests began at an early age. Travis talked about his knack for songwriting as a teen: “I’ve been writing songs since I was about 14. These songs would be released, in one form or another, on an album I released on iTunes when I was 18.” Early on, the Laurel Canyon scene of the 70’s had a massive impact on shaping Travis’ musical sensibility: “My favorite music growing up was the Cali-Country / Laurel Canyon scene. Artists like the Eagles, Jackson Browne, and others helped spark my interest in strong sensory-based lyrics tied to classic country and folk story telling.” It only makes sense that the music of Travis Marsh echoes the tradition of the songwriting troubadour, of Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell, but also deals in the smooth aesthetics of a pop connoisseur. The culmination of working in these seemingly polar opposite styles has arrived in the form of a string of new singles.

With smooth production handled by producers D. Brooks Exclusive and Smitty Soul, these are the songs that will bring the Jekyll and Hyde of Marsh’s musical world into the light, and the moment that is poised to get people talking. After recently living in Nashville for a couple of years, performing in various Country groups, Travis was ready to come home. Nashville had run its musical course for Travis, and his life – musical and otherwise – needed reimagining. After wrapping up a tour in 2015 with Country artist Joel Crouse, Travis eventually returned to his native Los Angeles, where he set out to focus on a new solo direction. This time around, Travis wanted to take his early love for the songsmiths of Laurel Canyon, and add a dose of sun-bleached California pop melody. By blurring the lines between Rock, Folk, Country, and Pop, Travis is charting exciting new musical territory that captures perfectly the Jekyll and Hyde spirit of Los Angeles and Southern California.

The result of this newfound hybrid sound has made itself apparent in a handful of infectious singles that will be released in the coming months, including his collaboration with Chicago rapper G-Herbo on his single Lay Me Down, you can watch the video here, his video for "Don't Call Me" and latest music video for his single “Happiness” which is currently being spun on Nick Music and MTVU.


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