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“Unexplainable" By Tony Valor Is Selected For BWH Music Group's 'That Summer, Volume 2'

(Boston, MA) BWH Music Group Announces That Tony Valor’s Song “Unexplainable” Has Been Selected for ‘That Summer, Volume 2’, A Sizzling Summert Compilation Album That Features 16 Songs By The Best Independent Artists in the World. About “Unexplainable”: “Unexplainable” is the new single out by internationally acclaimed, Billboard charting singer, songwriter and producer, Tony Valor. “Unexplainable” is a smooth R & B ballad with an addictive groove. The hot lyrics say it all.

'Make me feel the unexplainable. I can't describe what it is about you, but it cuts so deep, the love is painful, every time I think I lost you, makes me think of I should stay or go, every time that you disapprove, but you make me feel the unexplainable. I can't describe what it is about you" - Tony Valor

About Tony Valor: In the music industry, having a famous father can present many unique challenges for an up-and-coming artist. Living up to the reputation of a famous father and following in his footsteps can be quite demanding and difficult to achieve; unless of course you’re TONY VALOR. Tony is a four-time Billboard charting artist with his hit singles, “To the Top”, “Your My Fantasy”, and “Up & Away.” Tony burst onto the music scene with all the energy of his youth. His love for singing began at the age of 3, and his interest in music grew while sitting under the console in his father’s studio as he worked on his music productions. Armed with his rich family history in the music industry, Tony has made a name for himself on TVI Records. Tony grew up listening to an amalgamation of music styles and was drawn to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Ink Spots, Benny Goodman, and, of course, Disco and R&B. Of today’s artists, Tony listens the most to Usher, and like Usher, desires to forge a career that straddles the border between Dance, R&B, and Pop. Tony is a native New Yorker now living in Palm Beach, Florida. Being of Sicilian, Chinese and Hispanic descent he has a unique multicultural background.

About BWH Music Group and ‘That Summer, Volume 2” You don’t have to go to the ocean to hear the best songs this summer! BWH Music Group’s June 2019 release ‘That Summer, Volume 2, by Various Artists’ promises to be the hottest indie release of the year. This extraordinary compilation album will feature 16 songs by internationally acclaimed, award-winning, emerging artists in multiple genres. BWH Music Group is an independent music firm specializing in recording, record releases and public relations. Tony Valor's Website Contact:


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