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Upcoming Alternative Rock Artist Tony Oso Releases New Single "Going Down"

Tony Oso's New Single is a motivational message about combating drug addiction.

(Melbourne, FL)

"Going Down" is about the many people Tony Oso has witnessed get heavily into drugs (pre-addiction stage) where their lives were heading down a dark path. This song is his message to them, and to others, to look in the mirror and turn themselves around before it is too late. Nothing good comes from them and they just aren't worth it in the first place!

"Tony Oso's music is for fans of alternative rock with motivational lyrics about experiences and emotions."

Tony was inspired by the story of Jim Morrison of The DOORS. Jim Morrison, who also hails from Melbourne , Florida, lacked confidence in his songwriting and vocal ability before he made it big. Now, after gaining more confidence to release his own music, Tony wants to inspire others to do the same. Every instrument in the song (drums, guitar, and bass) as well as the vocals were recorded by Tony himself in his own studio.

"I hope to inspire other musicians like me who didn't dare to share their original music to the world."

Listen to "Going Down" on Spotify.


Tony Osos song "Going Down" is in heavy rotation on National Indie Radio (WNIR ), the 'Refugees of Rock Show'. To tune into WNIR or check out the radio schedule, please go to WNIR also has free apps on iTunes and Android.


About Tony Oso

For years, Tony Oso played guitar and bass as a solo act and in various bands opening for acts such as the Goo Goo Dolls and being invited to a primary audition to America's Got Talent. Throughout this time, Tony never took the next step to concentrate his energy on original music. When Tony recently suffered a sudden onset of shoulder, neck and back injuries, inspiration shined down on him, becoming the needed push for Tony to focus his efforts on sharing his original music.

With his new motivation, Tony set himself to learn drums, build a studio, record and produce his own music. Having met these goals, he forged his own sound from his many influences, from the legends of classic rock to modern rock, pop and alternative. Tony writes about his experiences and emotions, hoping to inspire his listeners with the lessons he has learned.

Tony continues to release singles every month. In less than six months, Tony has been streamed 100,000+ times in over 65 countries around the world! Keep tuned for more great music to come!

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