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Vickie Davies Releases New Single - 'Essence of You'

Vickie Davies New Single "Essence of You" is Full of Love and Admiration

(Boston, MA)

Vickie Davies' "Essence of You" is about a former friend who she loves dearly. Although they no longer speak to one another, and their friendship ended years ago, they hold a special place in Vickie's heart.

As I wrote the lyrics for "Essence of You," I was ashamed for still loving this person after ten years of no communication. I sat at the piano, pouring my heart out and then thinking, to myself, I'm hopeless. I didn't realize how much I loved this person still. After some weeks passed, I soon realized that time doesn't matter. Love has no limits. Love shouldn't be complicated; either you love the person or don't. - Vickie Davies

Once Vickie realized that time didn't matter when it came to the heart, she found a quiet place her my house and recorded the vocals and piano. Bryon Harris, Chief Engineer at BWH Music Group, mixed and mastered the song. And, after days and weeks of hard work, Vickie hopes that her story will resonate with others.

"I can still smell your cedar and lavender cologne And feel the reminisce of your tender touch The way your stubble brushed against my skin, The way your hands creased my skin I love the essence of you." - Lyrics to "Essence of You"

Vickie Davies, "Essense of You", on SoundCloud:


About Vickie Davies

Vickie Davies is a Singer-Songwriter and musician for Southern California; she is a vocalist and keyboardist. Her main style of music is RnB and soul. She loves how music brings color and life to the world. Her inspiration comes from her personal experiences and the people around her.

Vickie is an innovative and extraordinary musician. She worked as a background vocals for five years. Vickie is a new artist and wants to create music that resonates with people on a spiritual level. Her focus in life is to keep life in music and keep music in our lives because music has blessed her an so many ways.

For more information about Vickie Davies , please visit her website.



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