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Vickie Davies Releases New Single - 'Fade Away

"Fade Away" is About Depression and Self-deprecating Thoughts

(Los Angeles, CA)

Vickie wrote "Fade Away" because she genuinely thought she was losing her mind and needed help. Vickie had lost two friends in the last two years, and she became overwhelmed with everyday life. There were days when she didn't eat or get out of bed. Vickie felt like she was slowly dying inside, and she felt like she had no purpose in life. So, she wrote "Fade Away" on the days she felt like getting up.

Writing this song was a challenge, but it helped her work through her depression. Vickie still has good and bad days, but she can now tell those self-deprecating thoughts to shut up.

"We sometimes suffer quietly and never reach out for help until it's too late." - Vickie Davies, "Fade Away"

"Fade Away" was recorded in Vickie Davies' home studio. Initially, the song's bridge was supposed to pick up and switch to grunge rock, but Vickie felt the song sounded better and more cohesive if the song stayed somber and mellow.

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About Vickie Davies

Vickie Davies is a Singer-Songwriter and musician; she is a vocalist, clarinetist, and keyboardist. She has a mixed musical style of RnB, jazz, electronica, classical, and soul. She loves how music brings color and life to the world. Her inspiration comes from her experiences. Music is life, and she believes that it’s ingrained in everyone’s life in some way. She grew up listening to classical, RnB, soul, gospel, and rock music, so her music is mixed with RnB and classical influences. Originality comes from the heart and your own personal experience, and for Vickie, it comes out in her music.

For more information about Vickie Davies, please visit her website.



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