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Wachman Releases Fourth Single In Advance Of His Full-Length Album - 'Unamused'

Wachman has released song #4 titled "All I Need" in advance of his full his full-length album scheduled for release early next year. The unveiling of his new single is part of the 'Unamused' album campaign series where Wachman promotes a "song of the month" via social media and other outlets. To offer additional insight, he also shares weekly videos about his creative process. Each song on 'Unamused' is connected to true life stories that have shaped Wachman into the artist he is today. As he shares his failures, struggles, mindset, and relationships (in a style inspired by his musical influences), fans get an up-close, personal lens into the the experiences that have influenced the songwriter's music.

Video Preview of "All I Need"

About Wachman:

Wachman is a singer, songwriter and musician who released 9 tracks in early 2018. Forming a 3-set collection, the tracks are included in 'Six String Stories,' 'Love/Lack Thereof,' and 'Indigo.' Through collections of originals and covers, the Berklee College of Music graduate pulls from his early influences fusing pop, soul, and singer-songwriter stylings.

While keeping it cool, but not afraid to say what’s on his mind, the Orange County native, creates an honest and authentic style of music connecting classic singer-songwriter sensibilities with soulful vibes.

I remember growing up with my parents playing the 'oldies radio station' around the house. I found myself drawn to artists like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Elton John. Although I didn't realize it at that time, I had an infatuation with the combination of pop and soul/blues that grew to have a strong influence on me as an artist. Nowadays I gravitate towards artists like John Mayer, John Legend and more recently John Splithoff, Bruno Major, and Allen Stone." - Wachman

In a time where music can feel a bit repetitive or monotonous, Wachman brings a contemporary feel combining elements of pop with a vintage sound. His desire to share stories and bring people together through music are the key factors that motivate his creative output. Currently, Wachman is releasing monthly singles in preparation for his album ''Unamused.'

"I write for myself, but I release music to connect with others," Wachman emphasizes. "Take a listen".


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