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Will Tesla Teams up with Mickey Factz and Born for New Single "Celebrate"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 6, 2018 (Brooklyn, New York)

Growing up impoverished and introverted, Will Tesla’s evolution from a kid on the hard side of Brooklyn’s streets, to the up-and-coming New York hip hop artist with a reputation for finely- crafted lyrics and inventive beats, was in no way guaranteed. Describing it himself: “Growing up poor, it’s really hard to draw inspiration. It’s hard to not just accept your place in society and fall into a troublesome lifestyle.”

But while his friends were getting caught up in the troubles that surrounded them, Will was falling in with the sounds of J Dilla and Nujabes, whose nostalgic productions, along with the cinematic narratives spun by Nas, Lupe Fiasco and Jay-Z, left their imprint, providing both escape and motivation. While his natural shyness kept Tesla’s talent hidden for a time, once coaxed into the studio he began to emerge as a brave and innovative artist.

With a style that brings to mind J Cole, Skyzoo, or Lupe, Tesla has racked up several thousand plays across various streaming platforms and is currently working on Violet Rays, the follow up to his very well received album, Childhood Fantasy. Tesla sees himself as a story-teller - one who is able to investigate both himself and society, connecting to his audience though the expression of his own experiences. Unafraid to experiment with the pace and form of his delivery, Tesla has also received high praise for Childhood Fantasy’s sampling of classic 80s and 90s anime’s and video games over which his lyrics display a unique perspective on an array of social issues and a deep personal understanding. Soon so be released, Violet Rays is the next step in Tesla’s personal progression.

Named after the this time swapping out 8-bit themes for a more ambient and acoustic approach. Including collaborations with Mickey Factz, Born Treazon, and Q Flo, Violet Rays presents a fine-tuning of Tesla’s already keen sense of nostalgia, tight rhymes and pointed narrative. The album looks set to build on the success of Childhood Fantasy, and with songs like ‘Vertigo’ (self care), ‘Certain’ (small choices matter), and ‘Work in Progress’ (anxiety, fears and doubts), will only deepen his connection with a steadily growing fan-base.

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