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With LIKE FINE WINE Album Release, Brenna Larson Celebrates the Age of Empowered Women

February 1, 2019 (Sarasota, Florida)

It's been said that, like fine wine, women get better with age. With the release of her debut album, LIKE FINE WINE, singer/songwriter Brenna Larson strives to embody that vision and encourages other 50+ women to live boldly, growing and taking risks while keeping a sense of humor. Her goals is to inspire others to find their voice and pursue their passions at any age. Although LIKE FINE WINE is her first CD of original songs, Brenna Larson has been making music her entire life. A seasoned performer, Larson is an engaging entertainer with musical influences ranging from folk and Americana to country and blues. She combines warmth and wit with compelling vocal and finger-picking guitar skills to share inspiring, heartfelt and often hilarious views on life as a creative woman in today's world. Her story-telling style and clever lyrics build an authentic connection with audiences that stirs the emotions and makes you laugh along the way. Born in Florida, Brenna grew up in a family of classical musicians, studied voice, cello and piano, then taught herself to play guitar at a young age. She dedicated more than a decade of her early career to performing as a folksinger and guitarist in Atlanta and Boston. Later, while raising two precocious daughters, she switched careers, got her MBA and joined the corporate world. Traveling the world as a global marketer, she started writing her own songs – giving voice to the challenges of life as a working mother. Fast-forward to today, Brenna is writing and performing again in her native Florida, and touring as a solo artist. Her latest songs chronicle the realities of re-inventing herself yet again, while honoring the rich tapestry of her life's journey. "I always had a dream that I would return to my musical career at some point,” says Larson. “But it's easy to lose confidence in yourself. Getting my courage up to start was hard, but I have been amazed at the reaction from audiences and how good that makes me feel. I'm already getting notes from fans who tell me that my songs mean a lot to them. When you put yourself out there, the world gives back. Opportunities keep unfolding. With my music, I hope to encourage others not to be afraid to dream.”

Larson's first official solo album after years of procrastination and fermentation, LIKE FINE WINE is filled to the brim with heartwarming and humorous original folk, Americana and blues songs. Like a good bottle of wine, the album is a bold, delicious blend of emotions with a mellow finish. Deeply auto-biographical with a splash of fiction, the CD serves up poignant love songs like the title track dedicated to her husband, and “Wing and A Prayer” about taking a chance on love. The endearing lyrics of “This Old Town” could be about any small town that holds a lot love. She pairs heartfelt songs with tongue-in-cheek, true confessions on aging, shopping, and personal flaws, with songs like "Gray Hair Blues,"Buy More Shoes” and “Procrastination.” Larson is joined on the album by legendary folksinger, Claudia Schmidt, and multi-instrumentalist, Jim Henry, who add harmonies and instrumentals. Check out Larson's “Like Fine Wine” album on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, or purchase on CDBaby. Brenna's song " Wing and A Prayer" will be aired on National Indie Radio (WNIR) throughout the month of February. For more information, visit WNIR offers online radio and free app downloads on iTunes and Android. For more about Brenna Larson and her music, visit her website.

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