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WNIR Announces "Light Up the Sky!" 4rth of July Radio Special

World National Indie Radio (WNIR) Announces 'Light Up the Sky' radio special. WNIR will spin your favorite 4rth of July Songs by major label artists like Bruce Springsteen and Jay Z along with independent artists in multiple genres, providing you with an original soundtrack for your 4rth of July celebrations. The special kicks off with Katy Perry's Firework and ends with an epic version of the National Anthem by Epikus, a Gold Medal winner in the independent music W.A.M. Awards.

Whether you're at the beach, a backyard cookout, a jazzy romantic getaway or hanging out with friends, it's the music that makes summer special. 'Light up the Sky' Radio Special will run daily from July 1st - July 15th at 3pm and 9pm Eastern Time!

  1. Katy Perry - "Firework"

  2. Kacey Fifield - "Toxic"

  3. Ahmad McCown - "My Destination"

  4. Breeze Davinci - "Diamonds In My Soul"

  5. Kama Tala - "Monterey"

  6. Art Tawanghar - "Peace on Earth"

  7. Coast 2 Coast featuring The Fantastic Gems -"Save the Children"

  8. Jay Z - "American Dreamin'"

  9. Blow_flyy - "My Wings Will Take Me"

  10. BREEZE Davinci - "Look at What the Time Is"

  11. Jo Oliver - "Isolation Has No Good Vibration (extended Radio Edit)"

  12. Tom Petty - "American Girl"

  13. Phil Silva - "Dangerous Touch"

  14. Iris Blue - "Unfamiliar to Me"

  15. Melvin Fromm Jr. - "Summer Dreams of Fun Freedom"

  16. Rick and Friends - "Forever Home"

  17. Bruce Springsteen - "Born in the U.S.A."

  18. Joe Thompson - "Take Me Back to New Orleans"

  19. Robert Flynn - "Plain Sight - Feat. Brian "Red" Moore"

  20. Pauline Frechette - "Freedom"

  21. Sydeajah - "On My Way Back Home"

  22. Bob Marley - "One Love"

  23. Abijah - "Global Wilderness (Written by Ethan Johnson)"

  24. Pharrell Williams - "Freedom"

  25. Melvin Fromm Jr. - "Red White Blue Beach Of Dreams"

  26. Linda Marks - "Heroes"

  27. Kenny Chesney - "American Kids"

  28. Lynyrd Skynyrd -" Free Bird

  29. Epikus - "National Anthem"


'Light Up the Sky' Radio Special

The 'Light Up the Sky ' Radio Special will air daily at 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., EST, from July 1st - July 15th. Please visit WNIR's schedule for more information.

Fans can tune-into World National Indie Radio online at or by downloading WNIR’s FREE Apps anytime and anywhere - WNIR is on iTunes and Android. To find the app, search for "WNIR Radio" (National Indie Radio)."

WNIR airs worldwide in 19 countries including the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and more.

WNIR is proudly licensed in the United States by ASCAP & BMI.




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