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WNIR's 'Musically Fed Fundraiser' Radio Special Helps Those Most In Need

World National Indie Radio (WNIR) announces the 2021 "Musically Fed Fundraiser" radio special featuring amazing independent artists from around the world in multiple genres coming together to raise awareness and funds for those most in need through music. (Austin, Texas & Worldwide ) November 13, 2021 World National Indie Radio Website World National Indie Radio is proud to announce the 2021 "Musically Fed Fundraiser" radio special. This radio special features independent artists from around the world, in multiple genres, who have come together to raise awareness and funds for those most in need. Millions of children and families face hunger and food insecurity every day. Join WNIR and the amazing artists listed below for this noteworthy cause by tuning in at 7pm Eastern Time. The special starts on November 13th and will run daily for two weeks. Please visit WNIR's schedule for more information.

Participating Artists

  1. Pauline Frechette - "Pastoral -- Bluebird Park"

  2. Katy Crawford - "Who Am I"

  3. Mia Stegner - "Aboveground"

  4. Phoenix - "Well and Truly Blessed"

  5. Peter Unger - "Small Gestures of Love"

  6. Happy Curmudgeons - "You Gotta Move On"

  7. East & West - "Wonder"

  8. James Kennedy - "Down To The River"

  9. Jacqueline L Gibson - "Spring Knows Its Way Back Home"

  10. Grace Garland - "Before You Fall Asleep"

  11. Sarah Christine - "The Year: Hang on Mom"

  12. Jazzy Sky - "What a Really Nice Day"

  13. Estella Dawn - "Vixen"

  14. Karen Harding - "Anxiety"

  15. Licorish - "Love Song?"

  16. Jerace - "Just Like You"

  17. Merv Pinny - "Amazing"

  18. Bible Belt Blues - "No Life Without Jesus"

  19. Sunny Bleau and the Moons - "Holy Water and Hell Fire"

  20. Lolita Moore - "Everything"

  21. The Licata Brothers - "Put Your Weight On It"

  22. Sunny Bleau and the Moons - "I Should Be Sleeping"

  23. Joe Thompson - "Take Me Back To New Orleans"

  24. Wayne Allen Nichols - "Not Getting In This Bed"

  25. John McKivergan - "Why"

  26. Sunny Bleau and the Moons - "King of Hearts"

  27. Ahmad McCown - "My Destination"

  28. Pyedawgs - "Analytical Love or Ocea"n

  29. Tanner Gordon - "Start Again"

  30. Almost July - "Even If It's Wrong"

  31. Robert Flynn - "Taskmaster"

  32. Ryan Brolliar - "Good-ray Vision"

  33. Abijah - "Global Wilderness"

  34. Byron Thomas - "You Are"

  35. Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden - "No More Heartbreak"

  36. Angel Sessions - "I Thank You"

  37. Kenneith Perrin - "Another Day"

  38. Priceless Lion - "Superhero"

  39. Rice ft JMuzique - "No Brady"

  40. We Are Band Nerds - "H.c.t.k. (here comes the king)"

  41. J. Rice - "Round It Up (Blue Faces)"

  42. Saint Brown - "One Day"


About Musically Fed Website

Musically Fed is a non-profit organization that works to mobilize the music industry in the fight against hunger. They work with artists, promoters, management, and venues nationwide to donate unused, backstage meals to community organizations comprised of at least 50% veterans and who focus on feeding the homeless, hungry, and food insecure. They also accept donations.


WNIR "Musically Fed Fundraiser" Information WNIR's "Musically Fed Fundraiser" radio special will air every evening at 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time, for two weeks commencing November 13th. Please visit WNIR's schedule for more information. Fans can tune-in to World National Indie Radio (WNIR) online at or by downloading WNIR’s FREE Apps anytime and anywhere - WNIR is on iTunes and Android. To search the app, please find "WNIR Radio" (National Indie Radio)." WNIR airs worldwide in 19 countries including the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and more. WNIR is officially licensed in the United States by ASCAP and BMI. Contact:


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