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World National Indie Radio (WNIR) Announces 'Spring Up!' Radio Special

WNIR's 'Spring Up!' Radio Special Shares Positive Vibes Through Independent Music World National Indie Radio Website

(BOSTON, MA ) May 1, 2021

World National Indie Radio announces it's annual 'Spring Up!" radio special. Spring is the season of new beginnings. It symbolizes renewal, rejuvenation, and rejoicing. This year, Spring is especially meaningful as we all come together with positive energy for the future. From May 1st - May 15th, tune-in to WNIR's "Spring Up" radio special to hear songs by independent artists from all around the world, in multiple genres, who welcome new beginnings, bring on positive vibes, and pour out soul and energy. Genres include Americana, blues, country, folk, hip hop, pop, indie rock, inspirational, instrumental, R & B, rock, and more.

WNIR 'Spring Up' Artists & Songs!

  1. Nathan's Brother - "A Dream Come To Life"

  2. Greg Hoy - "Here Comes The Light"

  3. Voodoo Kings - "She Dreams"

  4. Happy Curmudgeons - "You Gotta Move On"

  5. Meghan Pulles (feat. Craig Sayer) - "New Horizon"

  6. Mauri Dark - "Love Will Prevail"

  7. Simon Jacobs - "World's Getting Better"

  8. Whisky Man - "the Night That Hope Arrived"

  9. Whiskey Alibi - " The Storm"

  10. Linda Sussman - "Let's Boogie"

  11. Josie Bello - "Magic of the Music"

  12. The Galaxies - "Baby I Believe"

  13. Barry Rock - "I'm Hurtin"

  14. Mick J. Clark - "A Song Has Gotta Swing Like Sinatra"

  15. Ida Maree - "Who's Watching Who"

  16. Bible Belt Blues - "Are You Ready"

  17. Greg C. Brown - "Fairystones"

  18. Epikus - "Tears in Paradise"

  19. Kraligen - "Heaven's Devil"

  20. Nancy Kelel - "To The Top Again"

  21. Lisa Ann Wright - "I Know You"

  22. Coast 2 Coast Featuring the Fantastic Gems - "What's Going On" (Marvin Gaye)

  23. Bassmanegg - "Keep Risin'"

  24. Jerome Lee - "First Peace After The Rain"

  25. Brodie - "Alive"

  26. Freerunner - "One At Heart"

  27. Irina Imme - "Talk to U"

  28. TL Jones - "No Chaser"

  29. Hvley J & Cla$ - Baecation

  30. TL Jones - Rooftopz

  31. Eye'z - Go For It

  32. TL Jones - "Slay"

  33. TL Jones - "You"

  34. Envi Babi V.O.F. (The Voice Of Freedom) - "Equality"

  35. TL Jones - "Sugar"

  36. Abijah - "Global Wilderness"


'Spring Up!' Radio Special Information

The 'Spring Up!' radio special will air every day at 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time, from May 1st through May 15th.

Fans can tune-in to World National Indie Radio online at or by downloading WNIR’s FREE Apps anytime and anywhere - WNIR is on iTunes and Android.

WNIR airs worldwide in 19 countries including the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and more. WNIR is proudly licensed by ASCAP & BMI.



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