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Zeu$B Welcomes Stardom - “The Players Ball”

Zeu$B's Vocal Prowess on "The Players Ball" Engages Listeners, Especially The Ladies

(Newark, New Jersey)

About "The Players Ball"

“The Players Ball” is a 70’s themed love story about love. The smooth, soulful song's accompanying video depicts a couple mesmerized by each other. Throughout the video , the couple is fascinated by each other. The scene really brings to life the lyrics as Zeu$ flows flawlessly over the instrumental. The expression of love in this song brings good vibes and loves affirmative power to anyone who hears it.

“That’s my baby what I’m trynna say I wanna see her early in the morning ... hair tied, eye boogers in the corner breath stinking when she yawning “ - Lyrics by Zeu$B from "The Players Ball"

About Zeu$B

Zeu$B started writing music at the young age of 10. By the time he was 15, he had already recorded his first song. He went onto college, but made the decision to drop out to pursue other interests. His career took him on multiple paths to make ends meet, but in the end - Zeu$B returned to music. Music has always been Zeu$B 's passion; it never faded away. Today, music is Zeu$B's main focus as he shares his music with the world.

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