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'All Tied Up' Selected for National indie Radio's Best Songs of 2019

"All Tied Up" by The Songs of Songwriter Glenn Shayne is Selected in the Pop Category of National Indie Radio's Best Songs of 2019.

(Oxford, Florida)

About "All Tied Up"

"All Tied Up" is an intoxicating song about being drawn to a woman's perfume. The lyrics speak about how being “bound in a situation by a fixation” with a woman and how she “detonated an atomic bomb inside [his] heart.” The title of the song alludes to how he is “tied up” by this infatuation.

111111111111111111'My Music is for fans who like quality music. We work from scratch using real instruments. Sometimes it takes up to 4 months to do a song. I hope you will enjoy each song that I do so you will have a gift of music for a lifetime." - Glenn Shayne

"All Tied Up" was originally recorded at SongCat which is now Tunedly where Glenn works with a staff of Artists,

Check out the music video of "All Tied Up"

National Indie Radio Best Song of 2019

Glenn's song "All Tied Up" was chosen for National Indie Radio's 'BEST SONGS of 2019' Radio Special. Fans can tune-in online at or by downloading WNIR’s free apps anytime and anywhere. WNIR is on iTunes and Android. WNIR airs worldwide in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and more. The show airs at 7:30 p.m. daily.


About Glenn Shayne

Glenn Shayne is the former owner of Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge, Treasure Island, Florida. It was located at 145-107th Ave. Treasure Island, Fl. 33706. From 1983-1986 Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge was the Premier club for Live Entertainment in the Tampa Bay area. Glenn Shayne has been writing Lyrics since 1985.

Glenn Shayne has worked with many collaborators over the years including: Queen Ofir recording artist in Los Angeles, CA., of Passion Show Records, Mark Steven of the Mark Steven Band, Palm Bay, FL., Michael Betts, and Briana Tyson National Recording Artist, Nashville, TN.

Glenn Shayne has also worked with other artists in Nashville, TN and England in the UK. Currently working with Tunedly and their staff of Composers and Artists, Glenn Shayne's First Song "There She Goes" won a local songwriting contest in 1986 in the POP Category, collarborating with Michael Betts.

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