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Chris J. Smith & Lynley Evans Announce New Release - 'Objects in Space'

Objects in Space Is A Compilation of The Duo's Favorite Original Songs

(Asbury Park, New Jersey - May 15, 2020)

About Objects in Space

Objects In Space is the duo's latest record, streaming on all platforms May 15th, 2020. The 7 song compilation represents a collection of songs that the duo consider to be their finest, original music to date.

The album includes the singles “Celtic Charms”, “Hollow Praise” (Prod. by Michael Engesser), and “Stone Blooded (feat. Kevin Koczan).” The tracks on Objects In Space include:

The songs on Objects In Space were inspired by the sights and sounds around us and the universe within all of us. Themes explored include happiness, heartache, friendships, and life experiences.

“It seems to be a sign that our souls have aligned in this fashion. Caught up in the passion behind your eyes. Forever we are entwined.” - Lyrics, Kaleidoscope

Smith and Evans thank Rock Solid Productions and Original Union Records for helping to materialize this project.

About Chris J. Smith & Lynley Evans

Based in Asbury Park, New Jersey Chris J. Smith & Lynley Evans are an original singer-songwriter duo who offer an eclectic blend of styles and songwriting composition.

The hard-working duo have been playing in various projects for about 8 years, and together they bring an amalgamation of experience and expression to their music.

For more information on Chris J. Smith & Lynley Evans, please visit their website.

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