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"Frozen" By Bryan Joon Has Been Selected For BWH Music Group's 'Keepin' It Country'


BWH Music Group Announces "Frozen" by Bryan Joon Has Been Selected for Keepin' It Country, Vol. One, by Various Artists, A Country Compilation Album Featuring Today's Best Independent Country Artists and Songwriters.

About "Frozen" "Frozen" is a country-pop ballad with soulful R &B elements. The song talks about unrequited love, longing, and loss. The lyrics paint the "frozen" feeling of heartache that chills your soul at the end of a relationship.

" When love just doesn't work in your life, heartbreak ensues. But it's more than just getting over it. It's distancing yourself from it and being a better you" - Voiceless Music

About Bryan Joon

Bryan Joon is a dynamic Singer-Songwriter whose repertoire spans Country, R&B, Soul, Pop, and Blues. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Bryan immigrated to Connecticut when he was six months old . From a young age, he studied music theory and voice. After high school, Bryan moved to New York City to study with the best trainers and vocal coaches that the city has to offer.

Bryan Joon is a unique artist from New York whose voice and repertoire transcends genre and other expectations.

On his birthday, 2-24-18, Bryan released his self titled debut album. The new album, simply titled "Bryan Joon," is a testimonial about the trails of love and loss. From the sensual club banger "Pretend," to the dance R&B track "Nam,e" to the heartbreak Country-pop ballad "Frozen", Bryan Joon is a musical journal that reveals all sides of romantic relationships - both good and bad. "Bryan Joon" is available on all major digital media outlets including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.

Bryan Joon performs in New York where he has headlined at many renowned venues including SOBs, Highline Ballroom, and Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar. Currently residing in New York City, Bryan is promoting his debut album while working on new music and visual content. Bryan Joon is a December 2016 Winner of the Coast2Coast Connection Edition.

Connect with Bryan Joon

Contact: Bryan Joon at

About BWH Music Group BWH Music Group works with today's finest emerging independent artists to achieve common goals in sound and artist promotions offering Recording Services, Compilation Releases, Music Public Relations, and National Indie Radio. "BWH Music Group has become synonymous with hosting some of the biggest and brightest young stars on their roster" (GasHouse Radio).


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