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Indie Talk Podcast Announces 'All You Need Is Love' (Part I)

Celebrate the Month of Love with Indie Talk's 'All You Need Is Love' Radio Special, Featuring Love Songs by Amazing Independent Artists


Celebrate the month of love with Indie Talk's ‘All You Need Is Love’ (Part I) Valentines Podcast Special. Indie Talk will feature love songs by independent artists from all over the world, in multiple genres including Americana, Adult Contemporary, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Jazz, Pop, R & B, Rap, Rock & more. Hear love songs that cover a wide range of topics from love and loss, to romance and lasting love. Share, feel and express the love with Indie Talk!

About Indie Talk

Indie Talk is the podcast that shines a light on great independent artists from all over the world in every genre to help you discover great music that you won't find on mainstream radio. Every segment of Indie Talk is filled with in-depth information about the artists and their songs.


Special Guest Artist - Cynthia Basinet

Cynthia Basinet is our guest artist with her latest single, "You Belong to Me." She is a Nobel nominated activist, innovator, Hollywood actress, and of course, an acclaimed singer, often mistaken for Marylyn Monroe. Her sultry iconic voice has garnered worldwide acclaim. She started as a model for I. Magnin and later became a model for Bob Mackie. After that, she worked in a San Francisco modeling agency. She spent the next five years in Europe modeling, including campaigns for Benetton with photographer, Oliviero Toscani. In the 1990s, she starred in the movies Last Dance, The Making of a Hollywood Madam, A Hard Death, and has also appeared in the "Last Man on Earth" segment of the Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction TV series.

Basinet released her first album, For You With Love in 2001 under the name "C. Basinet".[3] It included "Santa Baby", which was originally recorded as a gift to actor Jack Nicholson in 1997[citation needed]. In 2006, she released her first full-length album, The Collection, which contains a decade of songs that she had recorded as singles for Dreamsville, including "Santa Baby," "Haunted Heart", "Water's Edge", and "God." In 2007, she released a tenth anniversary version of "Santa Baby."


Artist Lineup

  1. Cynthia Basinet

  2. Patrick & Daniels

  3. Parmy Dhillon

  4. Allan Corby

  5. Phoenix

  6. UniversalDice

  7. Kristi Jacques

  8. Phil Silva

  9. Musiq 4 Change

  10. Peter Frank Santovito

  11. Funky Fresh

  12. The Al Ur Pal Project feat. The Asidors

  13. SnapDibz

  14. RonKat Spearman

  15. Da-Mind


Listen to the Podcast!


Indie Talk Podcast Guest Artists & Songs

  1. Jennifer Porter - "Show Me Your Love"

  2. Katie Belle - "Lover" (Taylor Swift)

  3. Tanner Gordon -"Lose My Mind"

  4. Rick and Friends - "Sweet Jackie"

  5. Blake Dagley - "Milly"

  6. J.R. Wilbur - "Happy Endings"

  7. Peter Frank Santovito - "Beat of My Heart"

  8. Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden - "Ooh Baby"

  9. Estella Dawn - "Pretty"

  10. Iryne Rock - "What Love Is"

  11. Saint Brown Feat Mensha & Madison Willette - "Love Me Now"

Indie Talk Podcast "Power of Love" special is available on major podcast outlets worldwide. For more information, please visit Indie Talk on WNIR Radio. Indie Talk is a division of WNIR Radio & BWH Music Group.



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