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Indie Talk Presents "HerSong": Celebrating Women in Independent Music for Women's History Month

[Austin, Texas – [March 2, 2024] – This Women's History Month, Indie Talk is proud to present its latest episode titled "HerSong", a celebration of women in Independent Music. The episode showcases talented women from around the world, representing multiple genres including folk, rock, pop, hip hop, and more.

"HerSong" promises a captivating journey through the diverse sounds and stories of women in independent music. Featuring special guests like Elise Testone, a finalist on American Idol, this episode is set to highlight the incredible talent and creativity of women artists in the industry.

Indie Talk is known for shining a light on emerging independent artists, providing a platform for music lovers to discover exceptional talent that often goes unheard on mainstream radio. With "HerSong", listeners can expect an immersive experience filled with soulful melodies, empowering lyrics, and captivating performances.

Episode Details:

  • Title: HerSong

  • Featuring: Women in Independent Music from around the world

  • Special Guest: Elise Testone, American Idol Finalist

  • Genres: Folk, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, and more

Artist Lineup: Elise Testone - Let Me Be Me Jennifer Porter - Yes I Do & Over You

Belle Lundon - Space Cadet Remix

S. J. Jananiy - Believe in You

Kendra Erika, Alih Jey, and Luigi LUGO González - Have My Way With You"

Ali - Lonely

Eye'z - Sugar

T Hawk - Spotlight

Cassia Dawn - Dropout

Petrina Pacheco - Because of You

Stephanie Phillips - Our Love is Safe Tonight

Phoenix - I Ain't Afraid to Die

Barleycove - Forget You

Jeannine Higgins - In This Corner

Jasmine Cain - Iconic

Zaida - Bulletproof Queen

Yola Nash - Manhattan Whisper

Tune in to Indie Talk's "HerSong" episode to discover your next favorite artist and celebrate the rich contributions of women in independent music. Don't miss out on this special tribute to Women's History Month!

Join the celebration of women in music and immerse yourself in the world of independent talent. Listen to Indie Talk's "HerSong" episode on and discover the power and passion of women in the music industry.

About Indie Talk: Indie Talk is the podcast that shines a light on emerging independent artists from all over the world in every music genre. With a mission to help listeners discover exceptional independent music that often goes unnoticed on mainstream platforms, Indie Talk offers a platform for artists to share their stories, music, and creativity. Delve into their podcasts, explore music reviews and interviews, and stay updated with the latest independent music news.

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