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Kristi Jacques - 'Better Days'

Kristi Jacques, a musician hailing from Myrtle Beach, SC, with roots in Charleston, has carved a path in music despite facing challenging health circumstances. Her involvement in the local music scene, coupled with her experiences in guitar lessons, singing, managing a music store, and working for an entertainment newspaper, laid the groundwork for her enduring passion for music. Despite grappling with a long-term lung illness that has affected her ability to sing, Kristi continues to create and record music, fueled by her unwavering love for the art form and the anticipation of a brighter future post a double lung transplant.

In her latest track, "Better Days," Kristi showcases her prowess in crafting energetic rock-pop melodies. The song opens with an inviting cowbell intro, leading into smooth guitar riffs that set a pleasant tone. Kristi's vocals shine from the start, exhibiting impressive skill and emotive depth. The chorus bursts forth with infectious energy, complemented by robust drumming that amplifies the song's positive vibes. The instrumental arrangement, masterfully executed by Tavis Stanley, introduces a delightful complexity to the composition. Standout moments include a synth string solo that adds a refreshing dynamic and a well-structured bridge that provides a moment of reprieve before the final chorus crescendo.

Thematically, "Better Days" serves as a beacon of encouragement for those facing hardships, resonating with Kristi's personal journey of resilience. The lyrics echo a message of perseverance and hope: "Just hold on, Don’t be afraid, Better days, Better days." This uplifting anthem not only reflects Kristi's own determination but also extends a musical hand of positivity to listeners navigating their own challenges.

The production quality of "Better Days" is commendable, with a well-balanced mix that allows each element to shine. Kristi's powerful vocals take center stage, backed by a cohesive arrangement that underscores the song's overarching theme. Tavis Stanley's multifaceted contribution, handling instruments, production, and mastering, adds a layer of polish to the track, further enhancing its impact.

In conclusion, "Better Days" stands as a testament to Kristi Jacques' resilience, musical prowess, and ability to convey a message of hope through her art. With its infectious energy, skillful instrumentation, and meaningful lyrics, the song resonates as a powerful anthem for anyone facing challenges and striving for brighter tomorrows! About Kristi

Originally from Charleston, SC, Kristi now resides in Myrtle Beach. Her upbringing was deeply rooted in the local music scene, where she honed her skills through guitar lessons, singing, and assisting at a music store. Additionally, she gained valuable experience working for an entertainment newspaper. Despite life's challenges, her early immersion in music significantly influenced her enduring passion for the art form.

However, Kristi's journey took an unexpected turn when a chronic lung illness began to impact her singing abilities. Currently awaiting placement on the double lung transplant list, she persists in pursuing her musical aspirations, undeterred by adversity and supported by her trusty oxygen tank. "I'll do whatever it takes to keep pushing forward. Music fuels my spirit, sustaining me through any obstacle. I eagerly anticipate a brighter tomorrow." For more information on Kristi Jacques, please visit:



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