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Orchestra Fuego Sets Hearts Ablaze with 'Nostalgia': A Fusion of Classic and Contemporary Salsa Hits

Tampa, Florida

With 'Nostalgia', Orchestra Fuego pays tribute to legendary singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Judy Garland, and Celine Dion through electrifying Salsa versions of their iconic songs. Hernandez expresses his hope that listeners will feel the passion and excitement that went into the recording of this album, as the band poured their hearts into every track.

Featuring a lineup of talented singers including David D', Bianca Zalez, Edwin Lebron, Karla Cruz, Betsy Lopez, Rangee, Roberto Requena, and Kharina Rovira, and Vicktoria Miller, 'Nostalgia' showcases the diversity and depth of talent within Orchestra Fuego. Special recognition is also extended to the band's exceptional engineer and song arranger, Carlos Infante, whose contributions were integral to the album's success.

Half of the songs on 'Nostalgia' are traditional Salsa compositions, while the other half consists of English-language tracks, reflecting Orchestra Fuego's commitment to reaching a global audience while honoring their Latin roots. Hernandez and his bandmates have dedicated countless hours to ensuring that each song on the album meets the high standards expected by their fans.

Rising from humble beginnings to become one of America's most beloved Salsa bands, Orchestra Fuego has captivated audiences around the world with their energetic performances and innovative approach to the genre. With seven albums and ten singles to their name, including the award-winning 'Candela', Orchestra Fuego continues to push the boundaries of Salsa music while staying true to its rich heritage.

As Hernandez looks towards the future, he remains focused on delivering unforgettable music experiences to fans everywhere. With 'Nostalgia', Orchestra Fuego invites listeners to join them on a journey through the timeless classics of yesteryear, reimagined with the fiery passion that defines their signature sound.


About Orchestra Fuego: Orchestra Fuego is a Florida-based Salsa band led by composer Marcus Hernandez. Known for their high-energy performances and innovative approach to Latin music, Orchestra Fuego has earned a reputation as one of the top independent Salsa bands in the world. With a diverse repertoire that spans traditional Salsa compositions and contemporary hits, Orchestra Fuego continues to delight audiences with their unique blend of Afro-Cuban rhythms and Nuyorican flavor. For more information about Orchestra Fuego and their latest album 'Nostalgia', visit

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