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RedrumSociety Releases New EP - 'Street Fights'

RedrumSociety's New EP, Street Fights, To Detail Social Turmoil And Harsh Realities Of A Relationship In Quarantine

(Los Angeles, CA)

The new EP, Street Fights, touched on various current themes of the world today. Ranging from social uproar to romance complications, Street Fights explores the universal emotions felt during these tumultuous times making it an EP that everyone can relate to.

The 'Street Fights' EP is for those of you who feel lost, alone, and confused during everything going on in the world today. It is for the fed up youth. It's pregame music for a protest revolution." Zach Cohen, RedrumSociety

Street Fights Zach Cohen in the immediate wake of George Floyd’s death. As we all know, it led to protests, demonstrations, riots, and looting. Moreover, it intensified the divide in America. Street Fights reflects one guy observing the world fall apart, consumed by hate, anger, frustration, and confusion on both sides of the fight. The title, "Street Fights" pays homage to the Rolling Stones’, “Street Fighting Man” which is about witnessing the London riots in 1968; it captures a similar perspective - a total breakdown of society.

About Reddrum Society RedrumSociety was founded in 2008 in South Florida by four newly made friends (Esperanzo Wilcox, Esdras Reymond, Zach Cohen, and Dylan Lerner) of completely different backgrounds in every sense of the word: families, music, culture, and ethnicity. When they came together, it felt like magic and a brotherhood was formed. Later on, the members of the band carried out different lives; one of them, Dylan, passed away at the age of 17. Eventually it was only Zach, now living at the time in Santa Monica, CA to continue on the RedrumSociety name and tradition. Zach wanted to embody the spirit of the original lineup. That spirit is an in your face, against the grain attitude. It is music that talks about what we all think, but don’t say. That theme still holds true in all of their songs, even as the sound has evolved dramatically throughout the years. RedrumSociety is funky! Today, Zach has relocated back to South Florida to be back in touch with his roots. The founding members still remain in close contact and influence the music and help Zach write and style the songs. Currently they have four projects which have reached the pop and alternative charts, with their most recent album reaching number two on the rock charts. During the pandemic they have recorded a new album with the goal of creating a soundtrack for 2020.

For more information on Redrum Society, please visit their website.

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