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W.A.M. Awards Announces Nominees and New Date for Podcast Ceremony


[Austin, Texas] — The prestigious W.A.M. Awards are thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated list of nominees for the 2023 edition, spotlighting exceptional independent artists from around the globe.

This year's nominees encompass an array of genres and categories, reflecting the diverse and remarkable talent thriving within the independent music scene. The W.A.M. Awards, dedicated to recognizing outstanding achievements in music, evaluate nominees based on the following criteria:

  • Artistry

  • Musicianship

  • Originality

  • Professionalism

  • Diversity

  • Excellence

Nominees for Best Song in Various Categories Include:


  • Rosco Johnny - "Drive"

  • Cody Summer - "Way Down The River"

  • Sara Rodenburg - "Worlds Collide"

  • Justin Blazer (feat. Natalie Jean, Kitt Wakeley) - "Never Get Away"

  • Happy Curmudgeons - "All On You"

Adult Contemporary

  • The Spark Sisters - "Flower"

  • Katie Ainge - "Moving In Reverse"

  • Pauline Frechette - "Spring Awakening"

  • Elizabeth South - "Dare to Go"


  • Brooke Hatala - "Single Girls"

  • Sam Cary - "When I Meet Myself Again"

  • Donnie Lee Strickland - "Warm Tears And Cold Beers"

  • Amber Rae Dunn - "Memphis Tennessee"

Cover Song

  • Cynthia Basinet - "You Belong To Me"

  • Rosco Johnny - "Boys Of The Summer"

  • Sara Gordon - "I Want To Hold Your Hand"

  • Carrie Marshall - "Jolene"

Gospel / Christian / Inspirational

  • Katy Crawford - "One Step Closer"

  • Casttro - "Promise"

  • The Licata Brothers - "Repair for Refuge"

  • Elizabeth Shepherd - "Three Things"

Holiday Song (Original)

  • Raquel Aurilia - "Can't Wait For Christmas"

  • JuiceThaBlackBeethoven - "Dancin With Dracula"

  • Allan Corby - "Fifth on the Fourth"

  • RVKAH - "Christmas Love"


  • Bonnie Myne - "Perception"

  • Cecil V Abhishek - "Bloodruch"

  • Chasm - "Mountains"

  • Peter Xifaris - "While My Guitar Weeps For Mehdi Rajabian"

  • Karen Jamali - "Angel Adnachiel (The Angel of Adventure)"

Love Song

  • Amber Rae Dunn - "My Ryan"

  • RVKAH - "LOVE"

  • Katie Ainge - "Fond of You"

  • Kama Tala - "Inside Out"


  • Taydem Shoesmith - "Are You Clapping"

  • Daniel de Boer - "Fly Away"

  • Andie Mackenzie - "Steps of Her Brownstone"

  • Jordan Massey - "Holding My Breath"

R&B / Soul

  • Mama There Goes That Band - "Heart Speak"

  • Shana Gourdine - "Not Anymore"

  • Fat Cat Affair - "I Wonder"

Rap / Hip Hop

  • OGUgly - "Hate This"

  • ClipKingz - "Float"

  • Ace Jones - "Pray For My Enemies"

  • Rice Feat. Sean Kingston - "Next 2 Paradise"

Rock / Indie Rock / Alternative / Metal

  • The Reverent - "Visions"

  • The Union of Sinners and Saints - "One More Shot"

  • dogbeach ft. Livi Helper - "Shame"

  • E.I.D. - "Fire Your Guns"

  • Mary Ann - "Wake Up Call"

Singer-Songwriter / Folk

  • Olivia Frances - "Breathing Room"

  • Andie Mackenzie - "Do Your Worst"

  • Helena Kletch - "Otherside"

  • Fat Cat Affair - "Up At Dawn"

Social Justice / Peace

  • Peter Xifaris - "While My Guitar Weeps For Mehdi Rajabian"

  • Coast 2 Coast feat. The Fantastic Gems - "Save the Children"

  • Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden - "It's All About We"

  • Darla Z - "To All The Gabby's in the World"

World / Reggae

  • S.J. Jananiy - "Kelunga Kelunga"

  • Reggae Force - "The Game is Over"

  • Orchestra Fuego - "Con Ella Quiero Bailar Ft. Jose Alberto"

  • Palmer - "At First Light"


  • Jimmie Bratcher

  • Marko Farion

  • Shana Gourdine

  • Peter Xifaras

NEW DATE for W.A.M. Awards Podcast Ceremony: Join us for the W.A.M. Awards Ceremony on Saturday, November 18th, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. CST / 8:00 p.m. EST on podcast series, hosted by Bryon William Harris of BWH Music Group.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the W.A.M. Award winners during Indie Talk Podcast's W.A.M. Awards Ceremony Special. The Nominees will be announced, and awards will be allocated to each nominee. The Gold Winners' songs will be featured during the podcast, which will be distributed to 15 National Podcast stations. The Grand Prize Winner will be revealed at the conclusion of the show. Save the date!

About W.A.M. Awards: The W.A.M. (We Are the Music Makers) Awards celebrate independent artists who exemplify excellence in music across various genres. Established with the goal of recognizing outstanding talent and promoting the diverse world of independent music, the W.A.M. Awards serve as a platform for independent musicians to shine on a global stage.

For more information about the W.A.M. Awards and updates, please visit

For media inquiries, please contact:



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