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World National Indie Radio (WNIR) Announces 'All You Need Is Love' Valentines Radio Special

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Celebrate the Month of Love with WNIR's 'All You Need Is Love' Radio Special, Featuring Love Songs by Amazing Independent Artists.

National Indie Radio Website

(AUSTIN, TX & WORDLWIDE) February 13, 2022

Celebrate the month of love with World National Indie Radio's ‘All You Need Is Love’ Valentines Radio Special. WNIR will spin love songs by independent artists from all over the world, in multiple genres including Americana, Adult Contemporary, Blues, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Jazz, Pop, R & B, Rap, Rock & more. Share, feel and express the love with WNIR.

All You Need Is Love" Radio Special Artist & Songs

  1. Katie Belle - "Lover"

  2. Coia - "Til the Stars Come Down"

  3. Katie Ainge - "Fond of You"

  4. Blake E Dagley - "Milly"

  5. Saylor Dollar - "Pandora's Box"

  6. RW Roldan - "Hey Girl"

  7. Whiskey Man - "Let's Just Spread I Love You"

  8. Michael Costantini - "Hands of Destiny"

  9. Kralingen - "Slowest of Falls"

  10. Rick and Friends - "Sweet Jackie"

  11. The Bellwethers - "All I See"

  12. The Voodoo Kings - "Talk To Me"

  13. The Licata Brothers - "Whenever"

  14. TWOFEW - "Lips Blu"

  15. Crooked Flower - "Love Me Too"

  16. Linda Cullum - "Your Warm Affection"

  17. Mick J. Clark - "This Is Where My Heart Belongs"

  18. J. R. Wilbur - "Happy Endings"

  19. Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden - "Whispers On The Wind"

  20. Danny Strimer - "Could It Be We're Saying I Love You"

  21. Marsha Bartenetti - "Know You By Heart"

  22. Beatrice Betley - "Upside Down"

  23. Pauline Frechette - “Come Away With Me"

  24. Taliya Hafiz - "Chèvrefeuille"

  25. James Hammel - "Baby, It's You"

  26. Paul Demarco - "Just Because"

  27. Peter Frank Santovito - "Our Love Will Prevail"

  28. Wyly Bigger - "Back in Love"

  29. Phaze II - "Feel My Love"

  30. Andrew Drew Knibbs - "Girls Do Fall In Love Feat. Michael Gentry"

  31. Kenneith Perrin - "No Ordinary Love"

  32. Byron C Thomas - "All The Love"

  33. Larrin - "Start Over (feat. Naj & Tribe Down South)"

  34. Evelyn Murray Drayton - "Liquid Love"

  35. Coast 2 Coast featuring The Fantastic Gems - "Never Get Enough of Your Love"

  36. Wendy Loomis - "There Are Days"

  37. Frankie Raye - "For You"

  38. Setoria - "Say My Name"

  39. Ali Hugo - "This Love Is True"

  40. Dudley D~Luv Patrick - "Never End"

  41. Juliana Hale - "Hold Me"

  42. Anna Bajar - "Perfect Queen"

  43. Nikita Soldatov - 'I'm Everywhere"

  44. Gabriele Saro - "Valentine

  45. The Beat Brothers - "When We're Alone"

  46. Amanda Darling - "Eternity"

  47. John Eric (aka J. Eric) - "Tell u..."

  48. King Solomon - "You & Me"

  49. Abijah -"Global Wildernes" (Written by Ethan Johnson)

  50. Saint Brown - "Love Me Now"

  51. VaughnBornFamous - "Cupid"


World National Indie Radio’s All You Need Is Love' Valentines Radio Special Information

Fans can tune-in to World National Indie Radio (WNIR) online or by downloading WNIR’s FREE Apps anytime and anywhere - WNIR is on iTunes and Android.

WNIR airs worldwide in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the UK and more. WNIR is licensed by ASCAP & BMI.




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