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Discover New Indie: 'The Common View Vol. 1'

January 7, 2019 (Leeds, England)

The Common View are a newly formed indie band made up of four University students based in Leeds. The Common View's music draws from a variety of bands including the rhythmic strumming of The Strokes to the punchy guitar riffs of The Cribs. Bassist Joe provides complex bass lines that compliment the guitars of Jose and Dom, while the Singer/Drummer combo of Jacob offers a unique take on the traditional band set up. Their debut EP was self-recorded, mixed and mastered, giving them a professional yet homegrown sound. "The Common View Vol. 1" is composed of 3 songs: "Ignorance", "The Hollow", and "I Can't Get Your Face Out of my Mind". Their first EP aims to reflect who they are: energetic, wild, quirky and charismatic. With catchy riffs and rocky guitars, The Common View have a passion to get their music heard!

To date, their single "I Can't Get Your Face Of My Mind" is receiving rave reviews.

"Their pioneering organic style proved that there are plenty more directions to take guitar-driven music in without assimilating icons of the past. Although the Common View may be fresh from their inception, the maturity in their sound already speaks volumes..." - A&R Factory Review (Amelia Vandergast), 23rd December 2018.

Check out the video:

"When I listened to this track ... It was...It stood out...I love getting music like that coming through, it's something different..." - Dan on the show Live@Five, 4th February 2019.

For more information on The Common View and to check out new material, please visit their website.

Listen Now:


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