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Elii Releases New Song - 'Unknown'

"Unknown" Is A Deep Love Song That Infuses Indie Poptimism And Spiritually Charged Dance Pop

(Chicago Illinois)

Elii has another hit song that is making waves on various platforms. "Unknown" already has over 100k plays on Spotify alone. Mixed by Jlp audio and mastered by Joe Delfino, there is something very haunting about Elii and the songs he creates.

With a very chill vibe, positive lyrics, and catchy content, "Unknown" is a song you will put on repeat.

"You showed me love I never knew I can do anything with you." - Lyrics to Unknown

This song empowers a new love that grows from something unknown into something that makes you want to dance with joy and celebration all night long!


About Elii

Elii is a very dynamic singer, songwriter, and Mc who has written and performed hit after hit - he is here to stay. The self- proclaimed father of spiritual melodic pop, Elii creates positive music with haunting choruses and amazing flow-over, addictive beats which include reggaetón, dance, and even elements of hip hop.

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