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Indie Talk Podcast Invites You to Raise Your Glass to Oktoberfest Tradition!


[Austin, Texas] — As autumn leaves begin to paint the world in hues of gold and amber, Indie Talk Podcast is excited to announce its annual Oktoberfest podcast! Indie Talk Podcast is dedicated to promoting independent artists and sharing their incredible talents with the world. In this special Oktoberfest episode, listeners can look forward to an eclectic blend of music that transcends boundaries and defies the mainstream.

But that's not all! To make this celebration even more unforgettable, Indie Talk will also unveil the best Fall Brews of 2023. From pumpkin ales that capture the essence of the season to hoppy IPAs and rich schwarzbiers, there will be a style to suit every palate. Forget the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino; Indie Talk Podcast is here to remind you that a well-crafted pumpkin beer is the true signature of American brewing's fall season. Oktoberfest, originating in the heart of Bavaria, Germany, has long been cherished as a celebration of community, culture, and, of course, exceptional beer. It's a time when people come together to revel in the joys of life, savor delicious food, and dance to the tunes of live music. This year, Indie Talk Podcast is putting its own unique spin on this beloved tradition, highlighting the artistry of independent musicians from across the globe in a variety of genres. Featuring an great lineup of independent artists, this Oktoberfest podcast has something for everyone.

  1. Happy Curmudgeons

  2. Benjamin Johnson

  3. Space Electric

  4. Austin Mulka

  5. Everwave

  6. Byron Thomas

  7. Rice

  8. Blow_flyy

  9. Lewis Papier aka Turfseer

  10. Zarko

  11. Silversnake Michelle

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Join us in raising your glass to Oktoberfest, where tradition, music, and brews converge in a harmonious celebration of life's simple joys. Let the music play, the beer flow, and the good times roll! For more information about Indie Talk Podcast, please visit For media inquiries, please contact BWH Music Group at



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