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LD Releases Debut Album - 'Only Can Make It'

The 19 Year Old Artist, LD, in His New EP, ​Only Can Make It, ​Meticulously Allows Listeners to Step Into His Shoes and Experience the Ups and Downs of the Music Come Up.

(Minneapolis, MN)

Only Can Make It features six well-conceived and performed hip hop tracks. Each song in this impactful project explores LD's journey from processing who he was to becoming who he is now, a hip hop artist who is prepared to meet his challenges, harness his craft, and make a powerful impact.

Starting out with “Brand,” LD tries to justify and grapple with his mistakes and heinous emotions. The second track “Envy,” explores LD’s deep roots in music and his meticulous attention to detail on the microphone. The third track “This is Me,” dives into the manic emotions of LD at the time, and his newfound success. Next, “Freestyle” explores the line between confidence and humility. Track five, “Hold On,” features LD preparing himself for the ride ahead, and the future obstacles in his way. Lastly the EP concludes with “Outro,” a track featuring DC native, Apollo!, that defines LD’s message and concludes the powerful project, with a showcase of each artist’s talented style. Tracks

  1. Brands

  2. Envy

  3. This is Me

  4. Freestyle

  5. Hold On

  6. Outro

"Damn right, I like the life I live 'cause I went from negative to positive..." - The Notorious B.I.G.

About LD LD, born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, who has had much thrown at him, from an early age. All from loss to drug addiction, LD has always found a way out of the storm. He plans to use this same determination and willpower in his music career; emphasizing the title: ​Only Can Make It​. LD draws artistic inspiration from "every song [he] listens to," bringing about his special and diverse sound.

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