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Songwriter Nancy Kelel's "Ukraine" to be Featured in International Concert Fundraiser

Songwriter Nancy Kelel's Original Composition "Ukraine" to be Featured in International Concert Fundraiser Broadcast from Lviv, Ukraine FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Azusa, CA – Nancy Kelel, a passionate songwriter hailing from Azusa, California, is set to make a heartfelt contribution to the people of Ukraine. Her self-penned song, "Ukraine," will be featured in an international concert fundraiser broadcast directly from Lviv, Ukraine, scheduled for October 13, 2023. The event aims to bring together artists and musicians from around the world in a united effort to support Ukraine during these challenging times.

In the wake of the tragic events surrounding the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Nancy Kelel was deeply moved to create "Ukraine" as an expression of her profound empathy and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The song serves as a heartfelt gift from her to the beautiful country of Ukraine, conveying her sincere care and concern during these tumultuous times.

Nancy's poignant lyrics and soulful melody capture the anguish and hope that have marked Ukraine's struggle. Through her music, she seeks to raise awareness and inspire collective action to bring about a positive change.

Nancy's touching lyrics include lines such as, "Ukraine, my heart goes out to you, I pray all day and night, Ukraine, I promise from my heart, to help you shine your light."

With her song chosen for broadcast from the Korso Pub in Lviv, Nancy Kelel's composition will join a diverse lineup of international artists, adding her unique voice to the global chorus of support for Ukraine. A video will be forthcoming on Youtube at:

As Nancy aptly puts it, "I can't believe what's happening before my very eyes, this world must pull together so together we can rise – Ukraine."

How to Donate: All proceeds support purchase of medical supplies for the people of Ukraine. Donations gladly accepted by e-transfer to Canadian registered NGO Amigo Relief Mission. In the Optional Message section, please indicate "Callow Mission." Donations Website.


About Nancy Kelel: Nancy Kelel relocated from Detroit, Michigan, to Los Angeles with a dream of becoming a professional songwriter. She specializes in composing Folk/Soft-Pop music on piano and guitar. Nancy actively participates in showcases in and around the greater Los Angeles area while continually focusing on creating original songs for other artists, television, film, and commercial placements. Some of her achievements include being the recipient of the Songsalive Songwriter of the Year Trophy in 2019, a United Kingdom Songwriting Contest Semi-Finalist in the lyrics category in 2020, and being recognized as one of Internet Radio WNIR's Best Female Artists in 2021. In 2022, she was awarded the UKSC Semi-Finalist Lyrics accolade. Beyond her musical pursuits, Nancy enjoys playing the drums, outdoor photography, and the timeless art of writing handwritten letters to family and friends.

Contact: Nancy Kelel Email: Website:



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