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The CBC National Music Contest...Searchlight 2021.

Alana Smith Music is Entered in the CBC National Searchlight 2021!

Alana is not only elated promote her music and voting for her as an artist in the CBC National Music Contest, she is also thrilled to promote/encourage wholesome things as it’s important to her as an artist and personally.

"The world is not in a good place right now and so it's time to be a LIGHT in the dark; it's time to rise above the ashes." - Alana Smith

If you're with Alana vote for her beginning May 11th until May 20th, and if Alana makes the top 100 then more voting will go from June 1st to June 8th. The winner will be announced June 22nd! Support and vote for Alana the voting link will be on Alana’s Instagram @AlanaSmithMusic2021

Thank You for the support and your vote.



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