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The Songs Of Songwriter Glenn Shayne Release New Single - "Fallin' Featuring Dusty Hughes"

" Fallin' Featuring Dusty Hughes Is About Getting the Girl You Love

(Oxford Florida)

The Songs of Songwriter Glenn Shayne's new single, "Fallin'", is about getting the girl you love to fill in love with you.

Band members on the single include: Dusty Hughes (lead vocals and composer, Maurizio (drums), Gergo (trumpet), Chris (acoustic and lead guitar) and Ian (saxophone).

With passionate lyrics and timeless songwriting, "Fallin'" is bound to be another success.

"My songs are for anyone who likes music that will last a lifetime." - Glenn Shayne

Glenn Shayne produces his music with the staff of Tunedly through their distinguished roster of artists and composers. "Catch My Tears" was written and produced with Briana Tyson, a National Recording Artist. He has also worked dependently with other recording artists including Queen Ofir of Passion Show Records, Los Angeles, CA., and Mark Steven of the Mark Steven Band, Palm Bay, Florida. His first collaborator was Michael Betts, where it all started with "There She Goes and Secretly Baby, I Love You."


About Glenn Shayne

Glenn Shayne is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and currently lives in Central, Florida. The style of music of his music is different for each lyric sheet. It can be a ballad, pop, pop-rock, rock, R&B, or blues. Glenn Shayne has been writing Lyrics since 1985. He had three songs on WOA Records Independent Number 1'S Volume 8,9, and 10. His song, "Why Are You Forbidden" went to Number 1 on the iTunes South African Country Music Chart on March 25th, 2020. In September of 2020 "Your Love Bleeds In Me" went to number 8 on the UK iTunes music chart for singer/songwriters.

Glenn Shayne is also known as the former owner of Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge, Treasure Island, Florida. From 1983-1986 Glenn's Quarterdeck Lounge was the premier club for live entertainment in the Tampa Bay area.

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