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"Together" by Les Fradkin - The Song That Wraps it all in One Compact Unforgettable Anthem!


It Was 20 Years Ago That Les and Loretta Fradkin Ppredicted the World Today

Bailey, CO – September 22, 2023 – Renowned artist Les Fradkin, an Akademia 2023 Hall of Fame Inductee and an original cast member of Beatlemania, has released a powerful new single, "Together." Emerging two decades after its initial creation, this song stands as a symbol of hope for the world. Often compared to iconic peace anthems like "Give Peace a Chance" and "Imagine," "Together" is featured on Les Fradkin's first solo album, "Reality-The Rock Opera," which was written and recorded in 2003. Les and Loretta Fradkin, the songwriters behind "Together," uncannily predicted events that have since come to fruition, making "Together" a compelling reflection of our culture then and a poignant prediction of the culture we now find ourselves in.

Listen to "Together" on:

Les Fradkin and Loretta Fradkin shared these heartfelt lyrics:

"Together, Together, there's no more war,Together, together, there'll be no poor. Together, together, our day will come...Together, we'll all be one... one day"

Les Fradkin's music has a timeless quality that resonates with audiences worldwide. He is a Producer, Composer, Midi Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist, and One Man Band. His impressive career includes playing the role of George Harrison in the Broadway hit "Beatlemania" and collaborating with legendary bands like The Ventures. Les has composed #1 hits for international artists and garnered numerous accolades, including recognition from Akademia and Indie Music Channel Awards.

"Reality-The Rock Opera," also features hits like "Reality," "Magic Attic," "You Can't Change Me," "Everything is Wrong," and "System Crash." These tracks, alongside "Together," provide a unique perspective on the past, present, and future of our world.


About Les Fradkin:

Les Fradkin is a highly accomplished artist known for his contributions to the world of music as a Producer, Composer, Midi Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist, and One Man Band. With a career that includes a role in the Broadway show "Beatlemania" and collaborations with iconic bands like The Ventures, Les Fradkin continues to be a prominent figure in the music industry. His accolades include multiple awards from Akademia and Indie Music Channel, as well as recognition from the Television Producers Music Production Hall of Fame.

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